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Deep Regrets

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Robert Bridgman Deep Regrets "James, we need to talk to you. That was the police on the phone they had some bad news....... it's your grandma, she was crossing the street yesterday with shopping bags in her hand, returning from waitrose after doing her weekly shopping, an..and....well... she got knocked down by a car, and she's now in a hospital in Manchester. It has been said she is in a critical condition. Your mother and I have decided to go up to Manchester and visit her, although I'm sorry to say she may not be with us for much longer. We are going to have to leave you here on your own; you're almost seventeen you can look after yourself now. We are going to have to trust you at some point in your life, and it may as well be now. My parents gathered their bags and staggered towards the car with grievous looks on their faces. They carefully placed their bags in the boot and gingerly opened the car doors and slowly lowered themselves in, I could see my mum's eyes filling up as she pulled the seat belt across her chest and slowly clicked it into place, I had never seen her like this before, it was like she was in a trance. But I could never tell when my dad was upset he always put on a brave face, he would never let out any emotions. ...read more.


"Ding dong" that's the doorbell, I had better answer it, it's probably my first guest. I slowly lurch over towards the door, flick the catch open and they're in. The party gets of to a flying start, everyone's co-operating and getting along there are even people dancing, so far so good there are no smashed glasses or anyone throwing up, and by the looks of it, nothing is broken. Yet. It's coming on for eleven o'clock, and the door bell rings, I am over the other side of the room and I have to try and squeeze through the crowds that have now congregated in my lounge. I flick the latch and the door fly's open..... I don't recognize their faces but they barge past me and walk towards the crowd, I notice one of them has a bottle of Vodka in his hand, at that point I no it's going to turn ugly. An hour passes and I notice a few people lying on the sofa looking to be quite ill, they are lying in a pool of sick and one of them still has a unopened can of beer in his hand, my head starts to spin and I start to worry about my parents coming home early, what the consequences would be and if they would ever trust me again, I scan the room with my eyes and it looks as though I'm the only sober person here. ...read more.


The tears scattered blurring the ink on the card until it was barely visible. I couldn't help thinking if only I didn't have the party. My life would be normal and care free like any sixteen year olds life should be. If only my grandma wasn't in hospital and my parents didn't go to Manchester none of this would of ever happen. But it is no one else's fault but mine and I have to carry the burden around with me for the rest of my life, and just because of a stupid little thing I did when I was sixteen. I just thought it would make bigger. But no one night has ruined the rest of my life. I have now lost the meaning of my life, and at the age of sixteen that it a serious tragedy. My parents came home that afternoon I had cleared up the house and they didn't suspect a thing, the house was like it was when they left it, I just wish I could say the same about myself! It turned out grandma was fine she is now recovering at home, life is a funny thing, I no I am slowly dying at the age of sixteen and I no I won't recover, but two days ago my grandma was the person with death lurking around the corner but now its ever so different. Whereas my grandma is eighty years old and she's still fighting for her life. ...read more.

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