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Delivering money to my Uncle.

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I started wearing my pair of jeans that were quite tight around the bum but baggy from the thighs down, my school cap, my three quarter length sleeve shirt which had pink and purple pinstripes down it and fastened quite low, with my pink shoes and my denim jacket. 'Now, Maria' Said my mother, 'hurry up and get ready. I've put your best clothes out on your bed. Dress yourself, and we'll have our breakfast.' 'Yes, mother.' 'Now wait a second. Let me think, did I forget anything?' I was confused whether to be excited about the trip or to be worried about the money. Two hours later my mother was saying her final words to me 'do not tell any body that you are going to Birmingham with all that money.' 'I won't' I said in a soft voice. Then she kissed me goodbye. Her tears were coming down from her eyes reaching my soft cheek. 'Oh I will miss my mother a lot' I thought. She cried a little. But did not cry for long. She had her work to do. I entered the train so excited about meeting my old uncle, 'the excitement boils like a hot cauldron of emotion inside of you then it hits you' I thought quickly when I was moving in the train. ...read more.


I was so bored and tired. I jus couldn't resist closing my eyes and falling asleep. I sat up quickly, rubbed my eyes, and said: 'Oh! Nobody is in here'. My knees were shaking. I got up from the floor, brushing my dusty coat with my hand. I put my hands into my pocket. The money has gone! I took my hand out of my pocket. Nothing was left but the pin that had gone into my finger and my red blood ran down. There were no words to describe how I felt when I found out. I wept but not because of the blood but because I lost the money that my mother has been saving for my uncle. ' How can I meet my uncle without any money?' I thought then remembered the picture of my uncle and his wife sitting smiling in our living room with our little kitten. 'I bet he won't be smiling if I tell him I lost the money.' I said 'what happened to the world, people used to be more friendly and never steal from each other.' The train stopped. I looked out of the window and saw a board high up on a wall. ...read more.


Then his voice was coming out from his mouth 'search him men.' The two men started searching and searching but they didn't find anything in his coat or his bag. 'Oh my god where is my money' I said. Then noticed that his hat looks a bit bigger than normal. 'Yes, I know where me money is' I shouted 'its in the hat'. One of the policemen took off his hat and found some money. Then the thief said 'this is not your money its mine.' I took a deep breath thinking how can I prove it. I put my little hand in my pocket and the policemen and the man were staring at me. I looked down thinking that's it I am not getting my money back but I saw the little cut on my finger. 'I can prove it' I said in a childish way 'my money have little holes because I pinned it to my pocket before I went into the train. At last the police officer looked at the money, saw the little holes and shouted 'you are under arrest'. And I went back to the train smiling and excited about meeting my uncle again. 'Well I have learnt my lesson...two lessons actually' I thought 'never trust somebody that you don't know and life is sometimes difficult, but there are so many kind people in the world.' Karam Aboud 1 ...read more.

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