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Descibe your home

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My home is a paradise, whilst being simple, radiant and elegant. My home is centered in the heart of Birmingham, it stands out more then anything I have ever seen before. When I walk into my home, I can see the lighting and front garden, when I glimpse, the grass is full of life in the garden, filled with bright red beatles and ladybirds with spotted black polka dots. My house is inviting and yet this magnificent place contains more and more mysterys as I walk in. I can instantly feel a historical presence in my home, so many wonderful memories. ...read more.


The front room is vivid and alive, it shows signs of charisma and sheer power. The T.V is like a cinema screen, each detail is captured and the TV has a glossy black tone but contrasts with the silver stained table. The living room is ancient but shows signs of liveliness, home to some of the most elegant features, plantpots which have grown beautiful yellow and red petals, which show signs of rotting but inspire me to believe they will live on forever. My house is amazing but without the back garden it would only be average. The back garden is as long as a golf course but a million times more marvelous and eye catching. ...read more.


Then there is the grass, fresh, alive and greener then a grass hopper which has painted itself in green paint. Each thread of grass moves swiftly and gently as if the grass was a boat in the ocean. Then on the sides of my back garden there is tropical palm trees, directly imported from the Caribbeans. Each show dexterity and the beauty of nature. The wind try's to shake these palm trees from the foundation but they are to powerful and simply sway, sway and rock. This is my house, everything in it has perfection which is all organized. Nothing is alienated in my house and each piece of my house is like the keys to a symphony with a never ending high note. ...read more.

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