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Describe a Haunted House

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´╗┐Describe a Haunted House It was an old theatre which was used to show movies. I had passed it once or twice in the past. People told us that it was shut down because a boy fell off the balcony and got killed one night when the movie ?Dracula? was showing. It was haunted? There was no name outside the door, and no cars parked nearby. I stopped and stood, looking at the building. It was tall and dark and covered in jagged grey stones. Lots of the windows were broken, and the door looked like a giant?s big mouth. ...read more.


I was freezing. I started to walk, the walls were scratched and scribbled-on, and bits of the ceiling were flaky. It was a creepy place. I found a door and pushed it open. It creaked loudly. I almost turned and ran. It sounded like the lid of a coffin being tugged open! I slowly stuck my head in and found that it was the stairs up to the balcony where the boy had fallen. I nearly jumper out of my skin when someone lugged my shirt. I turned and looked down quickly. There stood the ugliest boy in the world. ...read more.


I wanted to rush out of the haunted house and fast as my legs would carry me after I had finished studying his terrifying face, but I stood, my feel had stiffened. I was shivering from head to toe. I stood there gazing at the creature in front of me for a long, long time. I slowly crept back, back the way I had come, the way through the corridor, and finally into the night. I stood outside the haunted house for a few seconds, staring up at the moon, studying the trees until I was sure that there was no more immortal burking on any of the branches. Then, as quietly as I could, I raced for home. Thanoj ...read more.

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