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Describe a journey by plane, train, bus or car.

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Describe a journey by plane, train, bus or car. 6am. My tight eyes being forced open like breaking into a chest. The long, dark, black out curtains were drawn open by my overly excited mother. Although I had no idea what was happening, I could tell it was good. Sneakily, I stood outside my parents' bedroom, hoping to find out the news; good or bad. "We're going to Disneyland!" I heard. My still tight eyes filled with precious excitement. My heart pumped faster and faster as I burst into their room screaming with enjoyment. ...read more.


Person after person, I had never seen so many similar families and people in my life! Looking out every tall, thick window, as if they stood over me. There it stood. Never before had I seen such an insane, but enlightening looking structure stand before me. I felt amazed. 10am. We were stood at the end of the long, dark, mean looking runway. "Cabin crew ready for take off" the captain said. I grabbed onto my mother as the massive plane, starting shaking ferociously pushing me back into my seat. ...read more.


I heard the roaring engines power this incredible vehicle, soaring through the sky. All that was left, was the long, never-ending journey ahead. I closed the shutter on the window, time to sleep. 5pm. The small noise of the seatbelt sign alarmed. Steadily, I opened the shutter of the small window. Right there before me, beautiful golden sand. Dark, gloomy lakes surrounded by spectacular green bushy tree's. Never before had I seen the magnificent, broad array of scenery and nature. Yet again, the captains croaky, slow voice appeared. It was time to land. I felt incredible, I didn't want it to end. ...read more.

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