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Describe a Place using Soapmaps

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Describe a place in detail using SOAPMAPS Several places exist in all over the world and probably you must have heard of many famous places within London itself like Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace. However, I would not waste time explaining these places, which you might be already aware of. What I can usually describe well and might be to your interest is my lovely 'House' - my home. Everyone possesses a home and what makes it special are the people who live in there. Impression of a house is developed from how much you care about it and how well you maintain or look after it. So, let us have a look on how does my house look like and what might be special about it. My house is situated in the South East of London. You might better know my place by the town, Edgware. The bright sunshine in the morning, from east sets my house on fire. The glittering windows from outside reflect my image to make me feel great about myself. The entrance of my house gives a heart welcome to all my guests and bestows good wishes to all my family members each time we trespass there. ...read more.


If you look around the walls, you will find my TV hung around on the corner of the fourth wall, which I would personally describe as the perfect place to put your TV. Firstly, it looks nice, saves space and lastly, it stands in level to your eyes. What else would you expect from this fantabulous TV? And this not the end to the ground floor of my house. There is also a two in one kitchen, which simply means kitchen to cook as well as dining room to eat your meal. The fitted kitchen with cupboards and shelves sometimes make me confuse as almost all shelves open in different direction and some are very strange to your normal expectations. But never mind; living in this house for a year has made me habitual to this everyday use of kitchen and its applications. This is the place I love the most in my house as my mum cooks me some really good food, which I would enjoy eating for days. You can smell this tasty food from the entrance of the house like me when I come to home from school and quickly rush to eat that nice food. ...read more.


On my bed you will find all clothes spread around and the room will appear totally diverse as compared to my parents' neat and clean bedroom. I have also got a computer system placed on the table at the corner of the room on which you will usually find me working. The big shiny mirror on the door of the cupboard reflects my image to appear as a shining star. The bright sunrays penetrate through three large windows just after my bed to reach my eyes and wake me up in the morning for school. I cover my face with my blanket to avoid the bright light but then the clock alarm goes off to wake me up. At last, I give up sleeping and get up to get ready for school in the morning. This is what my bedroom is like where you will find things different and alike. This is what my house offers and this is how my house is like. A great experience with a thrilling chill environment will fill you with freshness and make you cheerful to have a great day out. I hope you enjoyed this adventurous journey of my home and had a good idea of how a good home should be, like my one. Don't you think so? ?? ?? ?? ?? English ...read more.

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