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Describe a street fire that takes place to a building and your reactions/feelings towards the event

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"Not again!" My mum just asked, for the fifth time this week, for me to take out the trash.... Why can't she ever bother to ask anybody else? I got up and walked to the kitchen and took in a whiff of the unmistakeable smell of garbage coming from the oddly shaped green bag that lay in front of me. I swung it over my shoulder and walked over to the door. Locked! After a few minutes of struggling to find the keys I grabbed the spare key from under the mat and opened the door. It was quite dark outside, but there was enough light to make out the tall green bin in the corner of the front garden. ...read more.


The deadly beast engulfed one piece of furniture after the other; it kept going spreading across the room. It seemed to be targeting the main table that just had to be made out of rich flammable wood. A small spark of fire lightly brushed past the table, all of a sudden the whole thing was set on fire, creating a giant flame. Billows and billows of smoke poured out and gathered around the ceiling. Some managed to escape up the stairs but the majority remained on the ceiling. Only a few ashes were left of the table, the fire then moved on towards the newly purchased leather sofas. It didn't seem to affect the sofas at first but as soon the layer of leather melted off they were no longer immune to the fire and burned them self to nothingness. ...read more.


After dialling the 999 as fast as possible I quickly informed the fire service. I then ran back outside and continued gazing at the fire. The fire brigade arrived in front on the house, four firemen ran outside with a thick water pipe that they plugged into a fire hydrant and began to soak the house in the crystal clear cool blue water. The fire showed no signs of weakness and carried on attempting to destroy more of the house. After a considerable amount of time it began to struggle to go any further, the fiery beast's reign of terror was coming to an end. The poor family's house was not only burnt but also flooded by the water from the fire brigade. The atmosphere outside was poisoned by the gases released from all of those melted materials. I walked inside thinking to my self I am glad it never happened to me.... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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