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Describe and comment upon the film "Of Mice and Men" (biased on the novel by John Steinbeck) directed by Gary Sinise.

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Describe and comment upon the film "Of Mice and Men" (biased on the novel by John Steinbeck) directed by Gary Sinise Lennie is played by: John Malkovitch George is played by: Gary Sinise Film is directed by: Gary Sinise The novel Of Mice and Men" was written by John Steinbeck and is a fictional book. "Of Mice and Men" is a book about two life long friends named George and Lennie who travel together everywhere. Having read the book in my privet time I was very interested to see the film and to see how different it really was from the book and how the director had dramatised the scenes to make it more exciting. Although I immensely enjoyed the whole film and how it was portrayed, I concentrated on certain scenes in the movie. They were the opening scene, when Lennie and George enter the Ranch for the first time, the introduction of Curly and the fight he had with Lennie, the encounter between Lennie and Curly's wife and the last scene which was the killing of Lennie. The film adaptation of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" opens with a scene where there is an unknown man sitting in a moving train in complete darkness but there are flashes of light when it comes through the window. ...read more.


In the book we see Lennie as being unintelligent but strong and good at every thing else. In the film it shows that Lennie is physically strong but it also shows that he is not mentally strong as when George takes the dead mouse away from Lennie, Lennie becomes upset and starts to cry this also is not shown in the book. In the first chapter of the book Lennie and George are walking together through a valley as the bus driver had dropped them of far from the ranch and then they decide to spend the night there but in the film this comes a lot later on, so there is a big difference in the sequence of scenes as the beginning of the book come later on in the film. When they arrive at Tyler Ranch we begin to hear country western music. The first person they see is Candy and is dog this shows us that Candy has a relationship with dogs and is also a very lonely person; we are also introduced to Crooks. Then they go to see the boss. Personally I thought that Gary Sinise did not portray the boss as he was in the book. ...read more.


have shown the tension a little more by showing the trembling of the hand a George lifted the gun or carried the moment on for longer, so it was very rushed. Unlike the book the film did not end there. As Lennie lay on the floor you could hear some sentimental music in the back ground and then it shows some flash backs of him and Lennie together which is all too soppy. The book has a stronger ending and finisher straight after the death of Lennie. And finally the film ends back in the train with George sitting by him self in darkness just like the beginning of the book. In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film. It helped me to appreciate the basic messages that were not as well addressed in the book. Watching this film gave me a more understandable insight into the author's plot. I do feel, however, that the film could have been improved. For example, the ending was not elaborated to the same extent as the book, and this was unfortunate as I felt that the ending was meant to finish it off conclusively. Overall, both book and film were a good example of the difficulties in the modern world, and emphasized the importance of friendship. ...read more.

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