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Describe and compare the different marriages in "Pride and Prejudice". Which one do you think Jane Austen presents as the best and why do you think this?

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Jane Austen - Pride And Prejudice This novel is about love and marriage. Describe and compare the different marriages in "Pride and Prejudice". Which one do you think Jane Austen presents as the best and why do you think this? Introduction Jane Austen is a well-known 17th century novelist. Jane had written 2 or 3 books before Pride and Prejudice. Based in Stepenson in Hampshire her books were written anonymously. In the 17th century women were to clean, cook and take care of the children, sewing and making clothes in their spare time. Time have changed, an author of a book would always print their name on their book these days. In these days we would marry for love, times were a little different when Jane wrote this book, as we shall see... During Jane's lifetime she saw many historical events, such as: The invention of a Small Pox vaccination in 1796 and The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 I think these two events were perhaps reflected in Jane's writing. There was also a lot of poverty during Jane's lifetime, perhaps she wrote about the higher class in Pride and Prejudice to show how they married the ignorant but beautiful instead of the poor but decent. ...read more.


Perhaps this backfires when it is revealed that Lydia has had sex out of marriage, with Mr Whickham. As Mr Wickham is a local, word will spread fast. This is an embarrassment to the whole family. It was believed that you had to be married before you had sex with someone in the 17th century. When Lizzy explain she would like to marry Mr Darcy, Mr Bennet takes on the fatherly figure and explains to her the right reasons for marriage as he know Mr Darcy is wealthy. At this point it is obvious to the reader that he is speaking from past experience. I do not believe that Mr and Mrs Bennet's relationship is a healthy or strong one. I feel that if this relationship existed today, it would have ended in divorce a long time ago. I think Mr Bennet married for beauty instead of the other things he should have valued the most. Mrs Bennet I believe married for status and wealth. It is hard to tell why Mrs Bennet married as she does not talk a lot about it or her background, for instance if she was poor she was more likely to marry for the money. Mr Collins and Charlotte Lucas Charlotte accepts Mr Collins proposal to marry more for money, security and comfort than love. ...read more.


The housekeeper tells Elizabeth, "... he was always the sweetest - tempered, most generous - hearted boy in the world." We are also just after the above quotation told, "This was all praise, of all others most extraordinary, most opposite to her ideas." This shows that Jane wants us to know that Elizabeth's ideas on Darcy are changing for the better. Elizabeth begins to realise what the real Darcy is like. I think here Jane Austen wants us to realise how wrong we can be about people in the way Elizabeth and Darcy were. Perhaps this is where the title "First Impressions" originates. Conclusion From all the relationships, I believe that Elizabeth and Darcy have the best. They married for love, not money, not beauty and not security, a marriage vow, To Love and To Hold That is why we marry; we shouldn't marry for money, beauty or security. Out of all these relationships Elizabeth and Darcy are the only two that married for the right reasons. Modern Times We have learnt nothing from history; people still marry for money and beauty. These marriages usually end in divorce and heartbreak. I believe it is a relevant novel for girls and boys to read so they understand some of the situations we see in Pride and Prejudice, it also shows what and how society has changed. ...read more.

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