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Describe and contrast the differences between Nicholas and Absolon in Chaucer's The Miller's tale.

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Describe and contrast the differences between Nicholas and Absolon in Chaucer's The Miller's tale Absolon is angelic looking with curly golden hair "crul was his heer, and as the gold it shoon". Absolon has many feminine qualities; he loves clothes and was obviously conscious of his appearance as he must have spent lots of money on clothes with attention to detail. "With poules window corvenon his shoos," and clothes that were considered fashionable "Al kirtel of a light waget" Absolon also dresses very neatly "Yclad he was ful small and properly" Absolon is full of love for all women "Hath in his herte swich a love-longinge" but is especially a taken by Alison, the carpenters wife, when he see her at her visit to the church, he shows this by covering Alison with more incense than any one else. ...read more.


Absolon puts fashion and lust before his religious job. Nicholas is also concerned with his appearance but only to the extent of impressing people and making them think that he is important and wealthy. He does this by displaying a great collection of books and astrology equipment "and bookes grete and smale,". "ful fetislyb ydight with herbes swoote" his room is attractively decorated with sweet smelling plants, the attractiveness is also meant to be also about Nicholas' good looks. Absolon is a simple parish clerk Nicholas will not waste a opportunity to show his intelligence and wealth with apparatus and books and Absolon with clothes. Nicholas also believes that he and Alison will never be caught; he has great confidence in his scheme. ...read more.


their approach to life, they both share a passion and lust for Alison, but they are also multi-skilled men Absolon is not only a parish clerk but is also a barber and small scale surgeon; he can play instruments and dance and can draw up legal papers. "wel koude he laten blood and clippend shave," " therto he song som time a loud Quinible;" Nicholas is a clerk who takes great interest in astrology and can also play musical instruments "longinge for his art," Nicholas longs for science and has many scientific instruments around his room which are used for counting, calculating and inspecting the future. He also has an "astrelabie" used to measure the degree and altitude of a heavenly body. "ful often blessed was his mirie throte." Nicholas has a good singing voice. ...read more.

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