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Describe and explain representation of women in film. How are they constructed to create messages and ideas about women's images and lives? What varieties of cultural diversity can you find?

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Media coursework Representation of women in films Describe and explain representation of women in film. How are they constructed to create messages and ideas about women's images and lives? What varieties of cultural diversity can you find? In different sources women are represented in different ways. Films show different cultures. Women in the 50's and women in the 60's and 70's are seen in different lights. It was only until the 70's that women were seen more as independent. There are also many differences in the way women are seen in Great Britain and U.S.A. Different sources such as film posters, still images and films will be studied and compared to show the varieties of cultural diversity. Image 4.9 is a still image from 'creature from the black lagoon' It was a sci-fi film from 1956. From the picture we can see that the woman has quite an active central role, but is not as heroic as someone like Ripley from 'Alien'. She is seen more as a sex object. In the 50's this was seen as normal as women were the minority and had little say in what they did in life. They were made to look pretty and clean. Looking pretty is exactly what this woman is doing. ...read more.


'Educating Rita' Was a British film from 1983. It starred Julie Walters as a young working class woman named Rita. She meets Frank (Michael Caine), a university professor who transforms Rita into a new woman. 'Educating Rita' shows the differences between cultures in Great Britain. 'Educating Rita' emphasises the differences between classes in Great Britain. It shows the jump from Working class to middle/upper class. At the start of 'Educating Rita' Rita is a 'common' liverpudlian with native accent. On her visit to Frank she wears white stilettos, a pink mini-skirt, black tights and a white blouse. She also had blonde hair with pink highlights. Her job was a hairdresser, which is a typical working class job. She was married to Denny, an electrician who wanted children. They lived in a small house in a working class part of town. However, Rita, 26, wants no children but wants to discover herself. She joins an open university and this is when she discovers herself. The men's worlds in the film are quite different. Frank is well educated while Denny is the type of man who may have left school at 16. Frank is an educator while Denny is an electrician. Frank is well spoken while Denny is 'common'. ...read more.


The Stepford women acted as if they were still living in the 1950's. Before the women's liberation in the 1960's women attitudes towards life were believing things like 'men rule the world' and 'cleaning is fun' but nowadays beliefs to do with particular jobs they are interested in. Women have become more independent over the years and 'The Stepford Wives' displays a message of how women have changed. They compare the lives of women in different decades and prove that the lives of women have changed over the years and that women have it easier than women in the 1950's. Women now have more privileges. Both 'The Stepford Wives' and 'Educating Rita' display varieties of cultural diversity. 'The Stepford Wives' mainly displays the change of women throughout the decades but 'Educating Rita' concentrates on different classes such as middle and working class. 'Educating Rita' also does concentrate on women as Rita is a women but it concentrates on the classes and how they differ from one another in Great Britain. Films portray lives and issues in the world. The issue involved here is cultural diversity. Films describe the different types of cultures and explore how the lives of people are lived. 'Educating Rita' and 'The Stepford Wives' cleverly construct ideas of women in the 50's and 80's and create ideas and messages of how the lives of women have been in the passed. ...read more.

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