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Describe and explain with ample reference to the text, the effect the Inspector has on any 2 of the Character's?

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Describe and explain with ample reference to the text, the effect the Inspector has on any 2 of the Character's? "You seem to have made an impression on my daughter" (Mrs Birling line30) "(coolly) We often do on the young ones. They're more impressionable."(Inspector) In this essay I am going to discuss the effect the Inspector has on Mrs. Birling and Sheila from the play AN INSPECTOR CALLS by J.B Priestly. As you can by the opening quote even the characters in the play have realised the effect the Inspector has had on them, Sheila is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Birling, and the future wife of Gerald Croft. Before the visit Sheila is very happy for a number of reasons; she is engaged to Gerald Croft; she has a good sense of security- no-one is going to touch her, she is a Birling and soon to be a Croft- and she has a good future ahead of her. We can tell she is very happy and content with Gerald, by looking at the language she uses towards him. "All right then. I drink to you, Gerald (for a moment they look at each other) Oh-Gerald you've got it-is it the one you you wanted me to have? ...read more.


She doesn't want to burst her protective bubble around her life1 Gradually as there talk with the inspector carried on Sheila gained more and more confidence and starts to realise how hard it is for people out in the real world "But those girls aren't cheap labour-they're people!" When it comes out what Sheila had done to Eva Smith she feels a great sense of guilt for what she has done and she finally begins to realise that treating people with very little feelings has dire consequences. "All right Gerald you needn't look at me like that. At least, I'm trying to tell the truth. I expect you've done things you're ashamed of too." Not only here does she start to take the blame for what she has done, she also shows a great level of intuitation "I expect you've done things you're ashmed of too." After Sheila has explained everything of what had happened, the audience and the reader will feel a sense of anger towards her for what she has done. Priestly doesn't want Sheila to be the centre of the blame; so rather than keeping her in the picture for the audience to dwell on what she has done, he sends her off and the Inspector goes straight onto Gerald and Daisy Renton. ...read more.


Birling blames everything on Eva Smith and then onto the man who got her in trouble "Go and look for the father of the child. It's his responsibility." This is Sybil Birling's answer to everything in life just push the blame onto someone else. I really don't think the Inspector has that much impact in Mrs. Birling; she doesn't really change any of her views, the only time she changes abit is when Eric becomes involved but once it comes to light that that the Inspector might not be an Inspector she begins to go back to her normal ways. "He certainly didn't make me confess as you call it. I told him quite plainly that I thought I had done no more than my duty." (Mrs Birling act three) This is not the voice of someone who has been deeply affected by the visit of the Inspector and all the confessions, this is very different to the change of Sheila-who has finally grown up. "Well, I must admit you came out of it better then the rest of us. Well, he inspected us all right. And don't let's start dodging and pretending now. Between us we drove that girl to commit suicide." I think that in that quote just sums up just how clearly the Inspector affected Sheila but he did not quite have the same affect on her mother. BY NATALIE BARNICOTT 11a ...read more.

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