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Describe Juliets interactions with other characters in the Act 3 Scene 5 of the Play

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Juliet?s interactions with other characters in the Act 3 Scene 5 of the Play Juliet?s interactions with other characters in Act 3 Scene 5 are varied as she adapts and interacts with everyone differently. Juliet is a keen lover when she is with Romeo, however the love overpowers her. Juliet is quite cunning with her mother as she makes her mother believe she is upset for Tybalt when she is not. Juliet looks up to the nurse as a friend and as guidance but with her father Juliet is helpless and is at mercy. Juliet interacts differently depending on who she is with and her feeling towards them. Juliet is presented to be a passionate and caring lover for Romeo. The phrase ?Art thou gone so? Love, Lord, Ay, Husbansd, Friend? ...read more.


The stuttering shows her trying to explain herself to Romeo and trying to prove herself. Furthermore, when she says that a meteor which the sun exhales as an explanation for day; it does not make sense. Love has made her think in an absurd manner which is causing her to say things which are strange and incomprehensible. Juliet?s love and passion is swiftly replaced by her trickery and cunningness when she is around her mother. Juliet tricks her mother into believing that she is weeping for Tybalt however she weeps for Romeo?s departure. The phrase ?Indeed, I never shall be satisfied with Romeo, till I behold him--dead--?. This portrays Juliet?s love however, her trickery is ever-present. The word dead comes after a short pause suggesting Juliet is trying to convince her mother that she supports her in killing Romeo. ...read more.


The phrase ?O God!--O nurse? displays how Juliet is comparing the nurse to God as if the nurse was good or the next best thing. Juliet turns to nurse after God showing her trust in the nurse and how high she regards the nurse. Moreover, the fact that nurse knows about the relationship of Romeo and Juliet emphasis Juliet?s trust in her. Juliet takes high importance of what the nurse says. This is shown by the quote ?Well, thou hast comforted me marvellous much.? This shows that Juliet has been influenced by the nurse and is feeling better. In conclusion, Juliet?s interaction with other characters is very different for all of them. She is a care free lover when she is with Romeo however; this changes as she is very cunning with her mother. Her slyness abandons her when she is with her father and at that point she is at complete mercy but she has the nurse as guidance and as someone to comfort and help her. ...read more.

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