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Describe the Attitudes To Violence and AND CONFLICT IN ACT 3 SCENE 1 OF "ROMEO AND JULIET"

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DESCRIBE THE ATTITUDES TO VIOLENCE AND CONFLICT IN ACT 3 SCENE 1 OF "ROMEO AND JULIET" Violent plays have always been popular throughout history. As humans it is in our nature to like violent plays, stories, sports or hobbies. Some cultures include violent celebrations like bullfighting in Spain; others enjoy violence in the form of sports like boxing and wrestling. In the past there was limited forms of entertainment, In Rome they had gladiators fight man-eating lions and in England they had fox hunting. Shakespeare used this love of violence to create masterpiece play, which were wither comedies and tragedies, both where just as gripping and gory as each other. These thrilling performances where adored by the Shakespearian audience because they were complete with romance, violence and comical humour. Violence in general is popular both now and in the past because audiences enjoy horrific battles and are elated by these exhilarating performances. ...read more.


This in my opinion is the climax of the play. Romeo feels that death is better than banishment. There is now a huge change in the play as Romeo and Juliet are newly married but cannot see each other due to Romeo's banishment. The Capulets are also trying to make marry Parris. Benvolio is Romeo's cousin. He likes fighting but due to his restriction that has been put in place he is forbidden to fight. In Act 3 Scene 1 he is trying to persuade Mercutio not to fight "I pray thee good Mercutio, lets retire; the day is hot, the Capulets are abroad, and if we meet we shall not 'scape a brawl, for now these hot days are is the mad blood stirring" Benvolio is surprised when Mercutio tells him that he Benvolio says he will not fight after to drinks he will be looking for trouble. Shakespeare opens up the subject of Benvolio's personality during his quarrel with Mercutio. ...read more.


Romeo's mood changes throughout the play, in the early scenes he is in love, full of happiness and cheerful. However, after Mercutio's death Romeo is looking to settle the scores. Romeo is insulted by Tybalt and still refuses to fight. And when Mercutio says "I was hurt under your arm" That Romeo wanted revenge. This shows us that Romeo is noble but will not stand for his friend's loss. At the end of Act 3 Scene 1 the Prince, Lady Capulet and Montague arrive at the massacre and turn to Benvolio for answers. Benvolio recites the events but Lady Capulet doesn't believe him and wants Romeo killed. Montague objects to the killing of Romeo. The Prince orders Romeo to be banished from Verona. In my opinion the two heads of houses, Montague and Capulet are most to blame for the killings. If they laid there differences aside from the beginning the new generation would not have been publicly clashing. They should use force as a last resort. Romeo and Juliet's deaths were the only thing that brought the ancient war to an end. Mohab Arafa 10.3 ...read more.

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