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Describe the benefits of online education.

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´╗┐In our day and age today, living in the 21st century is both challenging yet easy at the same time, with everything within a small handheld device that can do the simplest things from communicating to making a presentation. With over half the population being able to access Internet, it only seems like the next step is to promote education online. Imagine this, your at home wearing whatever you want and had just eaten breakfast but instead the usual rush of the morning hour trying to beat the traffic to school while balancing looking smart for school, or perhaps you had overslept a little and missed the school bus, your class is right in front of you in your room and all you have to do a press a single button and you are able to access the exact same course as you would if you were sitting at a desk at a school. ...read more.


These timings can often be troublesome and some students often find that they can?t work best in the evening and prefer morning schools instead. Especially being a secondary student myself, the workload is much bigger and the difficulty of the homework and challenges that you face are much harder than it is in primary. With online learning it provides access to course material 24/7 so this makes it more convenient to students and allows the students the choice of learning in the morning or in the afternoon. With the continual access to material online. Continual access to materials, allow the students to complete assignments during their peak performance times and overcomes the opportunity for disappointments and frustrations such as ?the library was closed?, ?somebody borrowed the book already? or ?I missed all the notes of that lecture because I was sick?. Next, online learning gives students a sense of equality. On the online debating education website, more than three quarters of the students felt that they had a chance to speak up more and share opinions. ...read more.


However, with online learning, instructors that maybe situated overseas will be able to conduct lessons online anywhere making it vastly less expensive. As all students often learn that different paces and styles, online learning can accommodate this. Students can skip topics that they know already and focus on topics that they are weaker in or review topics over and over again. Instructors can also present information in many different techniques or styles. For example, an instructor and record lectures appealing to more auditory learners or instructors can make presentation appealing to more visual learners. Furthermore, with recorded lectures, students can often replay them instead of scrambling to take all the notes down at one go. To conclude, I am for online schooling, as I believe online education allows students to work at more flexible and desirable times and at the comfort of their own home. Also, online schooling is able to over come many problems that traditional classroom learning face and online courses allow many to save a vast expense of money spent on education. ...read more.

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