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Describe the Boxing Fight You Have Been To

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?Describe the Boxing Fight You Have Been To? Last month my best friend Arthur took me to the Arena Gdansk for a boxing match. I am not such a follower of watching this kind of entertainments; however, at this time, I wanted to get relax and free myself from tension and stress. The first thing I saw, after entering a huge stadium, was this special place where all eyes are usually staring at: the boxing ring. It was the first time in my life. ...read more.


Both of them were quite tall and well built. They were both wearing boxing outfits, having helmets and gloves on their hands. Adamek, my favorite contestant, looked a little bit frightened and uncertain about himself. Whereas Kliczko looked so frightful and parlous that day. When the fight started Kliczko attacked first. His right hook was so hard that Adamek felt down. The guys started screaming loudly. The intensity of decibels raised immediately. The people were crying out so much that I had to clog my ears. ...read more.


It became incredibly stinky and stuffy around me. I was almost unable to breathe. The air was filled with that stuffiness. Even worse, everyone was moving around and touching me all the time. Someone kicked me from the right side, someone from the left one. My head was full of nudges. It was terrible shock for me. Spending my free time watching a boxing match was not a good idea, not for me. Instead of getting relaxed, I got more aggressive and tired, I got some bruises all over my body and a few scratches on my face. For the next time I will think of something more quite and noiseless. ...read more.

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