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"Describe the Personalities of 3 characters in animal farm and explain how Orwell uses the fictional characters to criticise different types of human beings."

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"Describe the Personalities of 3 characters in animal farm and explain how Orwell uses the fictional characters to criticise different types of human beings." Introduction In my essay I will relate to the 3 characters that I have chosen from George Orwell's Animal Farm. The 3 characters that I a have chosen are Napoleon, Squealer and Boxer. These characters are all related to the Russian generals during the communist actions. I will give details and information about the characters to identify them and explain all about them and their actions, then I will find quotations for each character to see how they relate to human beings and Russian generals to see how they relate to different types of human beings and Russian generals from the revolution of 1917. Napoleon Napoleon is a large fierce-looking Berkshire Boar, the only Berkshire on the farm. He has an ongoing reputation for getting his own way because of his fierce nature and short temper. ...read more.


Many more of these trials took place, leading to the death of several animals. Napoleon is also related to the French emperor who came to power during the French revolution in 1789, he became one of the most feared men in the world (like in Animal farm with the use of the 9 dogs), because of his desire to conquer all of Europe. In Animal farm, George Orwell suggests that there will always be dictators, unless we learn the lessons that this book is trying to teach. Boxer Boxer is a huge Carthorse, the most powerful animal on the farm. He is a caring animal with some intelligence. He is an enormous beast, as strong as 2 horses put together, tall but has a comical white stripe down the front if his nose. Boxer is respected all around the farm, but mainly for his tremendous powers of work and steady character. ...read more.


Squealer represents all the methods of propaganda Stalin used to keep his position of leader of the Soviet Union. Squealer could argue against anybody and persuade him or her around any point. When squealer explains to the animals about Napoleon and the windmill he says, "Napoleon had never opposed the windmill, the plan on the floor of the incubator was stolen from Napoleon. The windmill was in fact Napoleons own creation. He had opposed it to get rid of Snowball. This was something called Tactics." This shows his cunning nature, using words too complicated for the animals and being so persuasive that they just agreed. Squealer was an excellent speaker; Napoleon used him so well to demonstrate his propaganda methods that the animals agreed with ease, From Animal farm we can take that communism and Fascism enforce such a system that certain governments are so powerful that people are silenced and views ignored. This is Totalitarianism. When George Orwell writes a book there is always something that he is trying to get out to the public, in this case it is the lie about Communism. ...read more.

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