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Describe the Relationship of George and Lennie

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Relationship of George and Lennie This novella shares the experience and journey of two friends, migrant workers who are seeking work at a ranch around the country. Steinbeck presents George and Lennie?s relationship as a paternal one between father and son. This is the first time Steinbeck introduces the character; this is symbolic to their relationship, ?They had walked in single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other.? This quotation demonstrates how Lennie expects to be led by George. The use of the word ?even? emphasizes that despite being in the open air where they can walk in any direction, Lennie chooses to walk directly behind George. This symbolism can apply to any context in the novella. The fact that Lennie walks behind George is symbolic because George is the protector and mentor to Lennie; Lennie looks up to him. ...read more.


This relationship reveals the loneliness within other characters within the story. A parallel develops between Candy?s loneliness and the comfort that he gets from his dog and the relationship between George and Lennie. Whereas Candy becomes lonely when he loses his only companion: his dog. The event of Candy?s dog being shot foreshadow the event of Lennie being shot because the same gun is used and the same place is shot; the back of the head. Relationship between George and Lennie contrasts the quotation, this quotation show George and Lennie comradely. The theme of reassurance continues throughout the novella. George tells Lennie about the dream to own a farm, a house and the livestock they will have one day. When George assures Lennie about their dream they will one day have George?s voice ?becomes deeper? and his tone is described as ?rhythmically? this portrays George as a serious and meaningful person because the depth in his voice describes how much he is dedicated to fulfil his dream. ...read more.


George specifically tells Lennie that he is not ?gonna say a word? when they are going to the ranch to meet the new boss. Here we see George acting paternal to Lennie. Lennie is a burden on George we see the frustration on George?s trust on the relationship. George?s priority is for Lennie to have a secure job; this reinforces the idea of George being a father to Lennie. However this is the first time where we see Lennie putting George?s instructions into actions. The ending is the novel is symbolic because it ends on a sunset. Sunset occurs when a day is complete and Lennie dies when the sun is setting it could symbolise that is life is complete, and they have reached the end of their relationship. Overall we have understood that George and Lennie?s relationship was not perfect, but it was stable. However just because Lennie dies does not necessary mean that their relationship is finished and that George will be like candy-lonely. It could be the start of something new. Senna Al-Bahrani 11B ...read more.

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