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Describe the relationships in "Of mice and men".

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In 1936, John Steinbeck wrote the book of mice and men. Founded on Steinbeck?s first hand ranch involvement in the depression days and his knowledge on migrant workers. In the novel of mice and men Steinbeck portrays the two protagonists, George Milton being small and quick, ?dark of face with restless eyes and sharp strong features?, and Lennie Small being Georges complete opposite, a ?huge strong man shapeless of face with large pale eyes and wide sloping shoulders?. They are trying to get a new job on a ranch, as the two talks it becomes clear that Lennie is mentally incapable and speaks with a child?s terminology. While we see that George is loyal and dedicated in his bond with Lennie. As we read on in the novel we see that Lennie is George?s weakness; George takes complete accountability for Lennies actions. George has vowed to Lennies Aunt Clara that he will look after Lennie even though George continuously complains about having to take care of Lennie still their friendship gives George someone with whom he can share his dreams . The first chapter sharply establishes the relationship between the two primary characters (second paragraph, page 4) opens with the sentence: "They had walked single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other". ...read more.


This is exposed after George takes away Lennie's mouse and promises to get him a puppy when he can. They overheard Slim talking about his dog having puppies and George quickly said to Lennie, "Yeah! I heard him Lennie. I'll ask him. ?George wants to make sure that Lennie won't be annoyed with him, so he keeps his promises. Lennie feels superior and special because of his association to George. He frequently motivates George to tell him again and again how they are unlike other people. "'With us it ain't like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. [...] If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us.' Lennie broke in. 'But not us! An' why? Because... because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why.'" Lennie continuously enjoys being reassured that George will always stay with him, through thick and thin. Another relationship in Of Mice and Men is that amongst Candy and his dog. Candy's dog is old and symbolizes, represents the typical timeworn worker who is unable to keep up with the job and younger ranch labours. ...read more.


?Curley came into the bunkhouse looking for his wife at one point in the novel, and Lennie was smiling at something, but Curley thought he was laughing at him. He started picking a fight, and Lennie just let Curley hit him, until he heard George tell him to fight back. Lennie then goes on to crush Curley's hand on his own. All the relationships in of mice and men are a representation of the dark world that the American people had to live in at that time this is further shown to us by the name of the city that the two protagonists went to ?soldad? which in Spanish means loneliness. Moreover the relationship between candy and his dog, curly and his wife and George and Lennie all have one thing in common and that it is the survival of the fittest. And Steinbeck also utilise nature and the surrounding environment to portray this idea thought the novel one of the great examples is the water snake that in the begging of the book is well and drifting though the water and in the end of the novel is eaten by a heran. One can say the water snake is not only symbolism of the dead era that the author lived in but it is also foreshadowing the inevitable death at the end of the novel and that being the death of lennie. By yaser almoussawi By yaser almoussawi ...read more.

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