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Describe the way Sheila's character is developed throughout the course of the play.

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Describe the way Sheila's character is developed throughout the course of the play. In this essay I am going to be describing how the character of Sheila develops throughout "An Inspector Calls" by J.B Priestley. Priestley was an English writer, who was born in Bradford. He served in the infantry during world war one, then afterwards attended Cambridge University. As a newspaper essayist and journalist, he wrote on a variety of subjects, then the publication of "The Good Companions" in 1929 led to his establishment as a writer. At the beginning of the play, Sheila seems to be fairly naive and acts like a younger girl. We see this when she talks to Gerald about the previous summer and his dissappearance. When Gerald explains that he was "awfully busy at the works all that time", we see that Gerald finds Sheila to be naive in that she believes Gerald was really working for all that time. We also see that Sheila is possesive of Gerald when she says that she would hate for him to become an expert on port "like one of those purple faced old men". Sheila's relationship with Eric is completely different, and we see that they are always arguing with each other or calling each ...read more.


Then at the close of act two, when Mrs Birling has just left it clear the Eric got Eva pregnant, Sheila says "Mother-I begged you and begged you to stop." Towards the end of the play, when we find out the inspector is not a real inspector, while Mr and Mrs Birling believe they have got off scot free, Sheila thinks differently.She knows that everything they "said had happened really had happened." This reaction is significant as it shows Sheila has really matured throughout the play. I think Priestley has created Sheila to give the audience a person whom they can follow throughout the play. The audience learn that she can be spitefull in the middle of the play, then towards the end, Sheila is seen to be the more respectful in the family, as she still feels guilty even though the girl isn't dead.. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX With reference to at least one of the characters, show how members of the Birling household change throughout the play." Introduction An Inspector Calls is a play that investigates the social injustice of society in England. Its author JB Priestly writes a story based on the society reigned by King Edward. ...read more.


Sheila is devastated after hearing the effect of her selfish act. The inspector shows another side to Sheila Birlings' character, her gentle side. Perhaps Sheila can be separated from the rest of the family as she is the only one, apart from Eric who is able to accept responsibility for her action, unlike her father who a coward at heart made excuses for his actions.: Through the course of the play Sheila slowly changes from a spoilt little rich snob into a mature young lady. She begins to share the inspectors' views on Edwardian society and brings about a few of her own views. The purpose of Priestly writing 'An Inspector Calls' was to get his views about Edwardian society across England. Using the inspector he criticizes The social order of Edwardian society. So any comment made by the inspector is a comment made by JB Priestly. Conclusion I have been able to successfully answer the essay question using Sheila Birling as my character to show how members of the Birling family changed. JB Priestly reveals the injustice that occurred in Edwardian society. He shows the audience that the upper class people of Edwardian society were consequently not the respectable upright citizens that their class positions would have implied. ...read more.

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