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Describe various ways that W.W. Jacobs creates tension in the short story 'Monkey's Paw'

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Monkey's Paw Describe various ways that W.W. Jacobs creates tension in the short story 'Monkey's Paw' In this essay I am going to write about the various ways the author W.W Jacobs creates tension in the short story Monkey's Paw. For example I am going to write about how he has used the setting of the story, the manner of speech of the characters etc. to help him create tension. Firstly, the setting of the story takes place in a very isolated and lonely place, far away from civilization in a deserted area. This makes it a bit scary and starts to introduce tension for the reader in the story. "That's the worst for living so far out" Then we are told about the name of the villa i.e.- "Laburnum". This is the name of a poisonous plant. This is quite scary as the home of the characters is of a deadly plant. ...read more.


"It had a spell put on it by an old fakir" This helps to create tension as the reader is curious to know more about the monkey's paw and what all can it actually do. Since there is a bad impression of the paw in the story the reader wants to know what is going to happen later on and how deadly the paw can be. This sense of mystery in the reader helps to create tension. "better let it burn" The manner of speech in the story also creates a lot of tension for the reader. For example there are parts in the story where there are quick, short dialogues between the characters. This helps to create a lot of tension as not only is the scene tense but also the quick dialogues helps to build up tension of that particular scene. These short quick dialogues help the text to keep flowing making the scene more chaotic and tense. ...read more.


So if you look at the Monkey's Paw you can see that the tension keeps fluctuating throughout out the whole story. The use of irony also helps to create tension for the reader. One example used in the story is when we come to know about the death of the son. The irony in this is that they are offered 200 pounds compensation, which ironically is the same amount that Mr. White had wished for earlier. So if the reader is aware of that it creates a lot of tension, as they would never expect something like that to happen and now they realise how fatal the paw is. "the services wish to present you with a sum as compensation." "How much" "two hundred pounds" As you can see that I have explained most of the techniques W.W Jacob has used to create tension. I think that the monkey's paw is a really good story and is very expertly written. ENGLISH COURESWORK- MONKEY'S PAW MOHAMED HUSSAIN ...read more.

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