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Describe your home. She stands there, all limp and tall; a mere pile of faded glued wood and stone she might be but to me she is my home, my only home. Observe her as I do for a moment, in the loud whispering wind. Does she not gently dance backwards and forth like rippling waves? Her exterior appearance is far from flattering. She is built of a dismal grey rock found now only in Arabia; the rocks are large and misshapen with rough angry surfaces but still fit together like pairs of jigsaw pieces . A few brown stunted firs and a range of gaunt thorns cling relentlessly to life on the edges of the grey stone walls just bellow the ...read more.


Follow me into the belly of my home. Pass through the quite passage, pass through the dull lobby and here we are, here is her kitchen. On one end is the clutter of ranked silver dishes, reflecting splendidly the artificial light in the room, towering row after row, column after column, in a vast oak shelf-cupboard of a dark hypnotizing brown. In the middle, surrounded by: tabletops, a large white stove, a starved fridge and a decaying sink, squats an imposing mahogany dinner table fitted with 16 chairs. I need not tell you how old it is for you can guess undoubtedly from it's ancient look and the nasty, musty,fusty smelliness about it; insulting your nostrils and offending your gut constantly - can't you? ...read more.


The obvious message of this painting is that the gluttony of the rich starves and kills the poor and my poor mother has it there to remind us not to over-eat! So abandon with me this incessant dis-pleasuring, abnormal part of my home and enter the most normal part: my room. It is chilly and untidy and full of dirty clothes and underwear carpeting the floor as usual; piles of unread books but must read books along with undone homework are sprawled confusedly across my study desk like sticks in a nest of bird and a number of both functioning and malfunctioning electric gadgets sit on dusty shelves and cupboards dreaming of that day, the day I complete my loathed exams and the day I will be able to turn them on again- full blast, 24/7. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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