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Describing a place - The Jamboree

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The Jamboree I lifted my head off the cool glass and opened my sleepy eyes, wondering what had woken me. I lifted my legs off the seat and rummaged in my bag for my drink. I found it and tipped back my head to let the warm water trickle down the back of my dry throat. Pulling it away from my mouth, the sky blue background of the bottle emphasised the white writing that read 'Jamboree'. The words swam inside me as excitement surged upwards, breaking my moist lips into a smile. "We're here!" I heard someone shout in delight. I turned my attention outside as the engine roared viciously uphill. The ground levelled and daylight filled the coach. As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I focused on my first sightings of the Jamboree and I shall never forget it. The green colours of our natural surroundings were enhanced by the strong sunlight. Colourful flags rippled in the breeze, greeting us in different languages. The trees swayed and danced, their leaves rustling together. The coach park was like a never ending road. ...read more.


His light brown uniform was baggy and hung out at the back. He raised an arm to pull his hat down a little and as he did so, I noticed that his sleeves had been pushed up past his elbows, revealing his white and pasty English skin. I stood in the line with everybody else. I watched the first bag be passed down the line from person to person. As I stood there, I realised that I knew so little of the people that I was going to camp with for 12 days. In fact I didn't even recognise most of them! Suddenly, the bag was thrown into my open hands. My elbows straightened under the weight of it. I bent my knees and arms and lifted it off the green, short grass beneath my feet. We managed to get through them all and the coach left. I walked over to the huge pile of luggage belonging to our unit and searched for my own. Locating it, I stood up, lifting it onto my back. Groaning at how uncomfortable it felt I started to walk. ...read more.


I remembered meeting Arianna from the Mexicans that camped next to us and a variety of Americans that were on the other side. I saw Yolanda talking to some Spanish people that she had brought back with her one day because she speaks their language fluently. Belgian friends from queuing for the loo and finally Hiroki and Kjohei from Japan after we ate dinner with them. I felt an arm around my shoulder, interrupting my thoughts. I looked up and saw James towering over me, smiling and joking around as always, his bright green wig abstract in the crowd. I put my arm around his tanned waist along with Laura's the other side of me. The whole line of us joined together as we swayed gently in time with the music. The brown, dead grass, curled up like wire was now overgrown beneath our feet. All of a sudden we jumped up and cheered as the 'Jambo' song began to play. And there we were, 40,000 scouts and guides from all over the world, dancing and singing along to the same song in the same place, allowing the music to run through us as fireworks lit up the sky. Rachael Hill 10RW English coursework 2007 - 1 - ...read more.

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