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Describing a Speeding Ad. The slogan used in this ad was Live with the guilt It may not be you who dies,

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´╗┐INTRODUCTION: Good morning/afternoon, my name is Ashley and I have been invited onto the Gruen Transfer to explain why my advertising campaign should be the Advertisement of the Year. BACKGROUND + PAT: The campaign highlights speeding. Speeding has caused almost half of all road accidents in 2009. The purpose of this ad is to raise awareness on the dangers of speeding and the damage it can cause. This ad is designed to the target male audience from the age of 25 through to 35. This is because men usually drive, and they may have kids which increase the risk. The advertisement is a print ad. The ad will be placed in car magazines, such as ?wheels?, because it promotes fast cars and is read by men. It could also be placed on a billboard on the motorway because of the high speed limits. The aspect focused on; is how speeding can cause fatal accidents in which the driver responsible survives. ...read more.


The red circle with a slash through it is an image that represents danger. Commonly used as the ?no smoking sign?, this image outlines the dangers of speeding and how speeding does kill. The layout of the ad has been made this way to allow it to be understood clearly and easily. The graves are the main image in this ad, and they are displayed at eye level. The man is in the foreground and is shown to be staring at the graves. There is minimum text displayed on the ad, but there is a body copy that gives factual information about actions that can reduce the risk of a fatal accident occurring. The small amount of text was chosen because illustrations are much easier to understand and the messages within them are conveyed faster. The camera is angled so it looks at the graves, but the back of the man. ...read more.


This ad was specifically targeted to male audiences based on the stereotype that they are most often the ones who drive the family around. Given the age of the men targeted, a body copy was added to give information about actions they can take. The body copy is made to sound like it is directed right to the audience. ?The faster you drive, the harder you hit?, was used because it has a double meaning, as it can mean how hard the car physically hits the object in its way, but also how hard the resulting deaths can emotionally ?hit? the man. CONCLUSION: This ad is made for the organisation, TAC (Transport Accident Commission). They are a Victoria based organisation that pay for treatments for people injured in transport accidents. They are also involved in the promotion of road safety and have a number of campaigns involving speeding. By explaining this advertisements purpose to you, it should be clear that speeding has caused many deaths and will continue to cause more if action is not taken to prevent this. Thank you. ...read more.

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