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Describing a time when I was nervous

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´╗┐Time when I was nervous I have been nervous on many different occasions in my life. I am a bit of a worrier and this makes me nervous a lot. However there have been a few particular times where I distinctly remember being terrified. You know the times when you palms start to sweat and your heart starts beating faster and faster. Yes that was definitely me! This specific time I?m recalling in my head what happened two years ago when I attended my first campus selection interview. ?Roll no 24 get ready next is your turn? announced the clerk. Just 8 more students and then it was my turn. ...read more.


While some of the students did return to the hall with a satisfied look, most of the students looked doleful after their interview. 20 minutes before my turn, I decided to freshen up and so when to the toilet. I kept my portfolio near the sink. But as I came out, I realized that the file was missing. There was no clue of its presence anywhere around. My mind went blank. I could feel the sweat trickling down my cheeks. My BP was falling. I was so flabbergasted that I went numb. I asked the people around but none of them had noticed the file. ...read more.


My face seemed as if it was just flushed with water. I grew pale due to nervousness. I somehow gathered all my courage and stepped in. I could see it in their faces that they were surprised to see me in this state. I had imagined them to be very disciplinarian and quaint who enjoyed firing questions at the candidates, but they were very considerate. I was a bit hesitant at the start and stuttered at a few questions but then I remembered everything that my teachers had told me and spoke as confidently as I could. And finally I was indeed selected. I realized that just because I failed a few times doesn?t mean I lacked the skills of communication. This interview truly made me more confident and my self-esteem grew by leaps and bounds. ...read more.

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