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Description – Story.

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Description - Story I sat in depression, not listening to anyone but my own thoughts as I wonder why, why did this happen to me. The teacher was writing useless information on the squealing blackboard about science, 'the cycle of photosynthesis' which would probably have no relevance in my life. "Open the textbook to page 37, chapter 5, read this section and make notes," droned Professor Booth in her usual dull voice that made me fill up with boredom while pointing to the section he was talking about. "...Then, when you've finished that, answer the questions at the bottom of the page," he continued I really couldn't be arsed with this work because my mind was full with other issues. I turned and looked out of the window and saw gloomy clouds lurking across the dismal sky. It was as if they were teasing everybody whether it would rain or not. Finally the first drops of heaven fell onto the rough ground below and onto the lifeless pale grass. As the rain becomes heavier the P.E class that were playing, in my opinion, an uninteresting game of football, ran half way across the school and back into the gyms. ...read more.


I can still remember the yells of my mother, Lisa, telling my dad to stop. There was only a few seconds left until the end of class, and then suddenly the bell rang with its usual ear-piercing screech, which made everybody rush out through the main door like a herd of buffalo being chased by a band of Sioux Indians we've been learning about in history. History was my favourite subject. Before I could walk out the door professor Booth pulled me back and said, I think I will call your parents," she said putting on a fake caring voice. "No!" I shouted, then ran out of the school so fast I nearly knocked over a crowd of smokers at the side of the entrance. I walked home as slow as possible in the freezing rain. My heart was pounding at the prospect of going home to that drunken fool who had received yet another phone call home from school, which gave another reason to beat me up. I reached my house, which was located on the outskirts of Manchester. I could see pale red bricks and old-fashioned tiles, which were poorly designed to prevent water seeping through. ...read more.


Catherine: What? Alan: He's gone and got himself into trouble at school so they've had to phone up. Catherine: Go to your room Simon, your dad and me are going to have a little chat. Internal Monologue "I wish I was somebody else. Why do I have to be me? I'm getting hassled at school and bullied at home. This isn't right it should be the other way around if anything. My Dad used to be alright until a couple of months ago when he lost his job and went on the dole. I can't believe it's come to this. Why does he have to beat me up on the slightest thing I've done nothing wrong? It's the drink; always drinking all the time he is .I feel so scared when I walk in my house, so afraid. Sure, my Mum tries to stop him but what can she do. One time she got hit in the process. I wish that she would divorce him before he does something he'll really regret. The next time that man hits me I'm running away, far from here. He's not my father any more. whenever his drunk he looks at me with the most treacherous eyes which would make my heart beat tremendously fast as I think about what he's going to do." Craig Stamp 10RS English Coursework ...read more.

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