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Description of a favourite place - the city of Baku

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Description of a favourite place There are lots of places in the world worth to live in or to be visited. Some of them attract you to their sights, others have more possibilities one to make a swift career and there are places known as cultural centers. But there are few of them which combine all above-listed with the amenities of urban life and the advantages of a big modern city and still have features of old towns therewith. Baku is quite such kind of places. Depending on the way you arrive in the capital of Azerbaijan, you will see it differently. ...read more.


It is wonderful how cultural, tourist and industrial life can be mixed within the city. Anyone can find in Baku whatever he or she would like to. Fanciers of different kinds or styles of architecture will be satisfied absolutely, so that buildings from the 12th till the 21st century are situated here. Narrow winding streets and wide roads, two-level road junctions and paved paths, straight prospects and quarter mazes - such contrast makes you be not bored with monotone views. You can tell the different parts of Baku by smell as well: some of them smell of oil, others do of wormwood, and the main smell of Baku is the smell of the Caspian Sea. ...read more.


Besides of them, mild southern climate and plenty of comfortable beaches are the reasons for thousands of tourists' desire to have a rest in some health resorts in Baku suburbs where marine breeze freshens you up in hot summer days. In addition, mild winters, where the temperature never falls below zero, offer you escape from Siberian cold. The views of Baku differ from one part of the city to another. It is so large that it takes you hours and hours to look it all around. And even if you see it once and decide to visit it in some couple of years later, you will see another Baku as it is changing constantly. Baku has different faces and you never know which one will be shown you the next time... ...read more.

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