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Description of a rural morning scene

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Rural Morning Scene White, fluffy clouds glide across the pale blue sky; the fading, subdued moon sits redundantly behind them. The sun has awakened and is promptly emerging through the hazy sky. The cloudy layer creates a pleasant blanket from the sun. Birds simultaneously tweet out to each other in a chorus, singing a soothing, melodic tune. A graceful robin flies swiftly across the open pasture, flowing beside the gentle breeze, back to its vigilantly poised nest on the branch of a tree. This wise, ancient oak tree proudly watches over the fields, casting shadows over the fragile flowers that would wilt if exposed to the sweltering sun. Smaller, more delicate trees frame the field's perimeter. Having sat dormant all winter, fresh leaves are shooting out of the dull, peeling bark and radiant flowers are beginning to bloom. ...read more.


In the midst of the grass stands a large, towering scarecrow. There is an eerie, intent gaze coming from its sown on eyes and ragged makeshift clothes sag from its drooping, straw-made body. The freshly raked soil around it has been revitalised with manure, leaving a musty odour lingering in the air. A strong waft of it approaches me, so I quickly breathe in to avoid inhaling it. A newborn stream trickles leisurely along the outskirts of the adjoining hedge, crashing into jagged, displaced rocks. Further down the brook the water collects to form a little nature pond, continually lively and full of activity. Elegant dragonflies circulate the rippling water like spiralling helicopters, occasionally surfacing to rest. Frogs cautiously poke their eyes out of the water, scared away by any sudden sound or movement. ...read more.


The ground is quickly saturated and the grand oak tree recoils. The view becomes bleak and unpleasant with the soil being waterlogged and squelchy to tread on. The surge is shortly over. Now draped across the sky is a beautiful, vivid arrangement of colours. The sun is peering through the clouds once more, imprinting a rainbow in the sky. It lightens up the dull, bleak atmosphere and sends a signal out to stir the wildlife. Slimy slugs, snails and earthworms have crept out through the rainstorm. The birds soon catch on and fly competitively down to grab an easy meal. Water is still running off the waxy leaves of the smaller trees. The unprotected flowers have been drenched, now disintegrating into undistinguishable forms. A damp, earthy smell now loiters, relieving me from the previous rancid manure smell. The sky has regained a rich colour and the rainbow is fading. ...read more.

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