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Description of ice

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Description of ice!!! You are never seen in spring, or summer not even in autumn. But in winter while the snow is glimmering in the sky, I see you shining there on the ground. You shine under the moonlight like a sheet of polished metal. You look solid and you feel cold, your mind is blank and your heart is pure. You are as slippery as a marble floor. When I step onto your surface I slip, when I feel your hands my brain freezes. You smell of emptiness yet you are solid from head to toe. As my warm hands touched your skin your heart turns warm, however your conscience is still frozen and seeks its cold revenge. ...read more.


Amazingly I find a piece of broken glass it is as clear and as hard as you, but not quite as cold. The class reflect the light of the sun with the colours of the rainbow. Where as you start to melt with beads of water runner down your face. When I break the glass the sharp, blade like pieces drive themselves into my wet, soggy gloves. When I try to break you in half, my hands freeze, so you fall on the ground and shatter into many small pieces. The glass breaks into neat cube like pieces. You shatter into to odd and rough pieces. ...read more.


If I put it in there for an hour it might turn frosty and if I put it in there for two hours there might be a chance of it turning into ice. With that thought in my mind I went and opened the cold freezer. I stood there shivering and thinking about the colour blue. I was also asking myself where in the freezer I should put the glass. I put the glass of colourless water into the freezer and began to wait. I thought to myself, who shall I meet today? What if the water doesn't harden? When will the water solidify? Why did the ice go all those months ago? How shall a keep the ice hard? ...read more.

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