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Description of my Bedroom A single beam of daylight enters my room through a break between the curtains

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Matthew Winter 10E Description of my Bedroom A single beam of daylight enters my room through a break between the curtains. The curtains rustle about in the wind, the light flickers, waking me from my peaceful sleep. I turn to look at my clock, its 6, an hour before I should wake up, time to reflect. I look to the ceiling, my thoughts wonder to my room. I stare blankly at my surroundings, daydreaming, and describe it in my mind. My room, it's barely 4 years old, and it already looks I have lived in it for 40 years. Chipped and Cracked plaster makes up the walls, along with white paint that's covered in black marks and scrapes. ...read more.


I pan across to my first book case, its rubbish and cheap, falling apart under the weight of all my books. Books! My Lord I must have thousands, half of which I never or have never read. It's not that I don't enjoy books, no, its just nigh impossible to find one I can enjoy, and when I do; I read it in a matter of hours and have to find a new one again. Well this brings us to my last piece of furniture: my bed. It is a double bed with two draws underneath of which one stores my Warhammer, and the other stores my CD collection. That's to put it simply. To put it a little more philosophically it is my third source of relief from work, I kind of lied about it just being friends and Playstation. ...read more.


Ah the Playstation, only the most boring person in the world would not like it. It's a source of pleasure for me and my friends, even kids of my mum's friend's, who I have never seen before, find it enjoyable. Everyone knows what it is, it will never go until a better version comes out (which is this Christmas so it will be going soon). You know despite the depressing qualities of this room, it has its "pro's". In fact it's my room, I'll never change it. I believe it has Matthew Winter written all over it. I like that thought, and because of that I respect this room. Uh oh, its 7, time to go to school. Shame, this daydream of my room was fun. Ah well, alls well that ends well. ...read more.

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