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Description of Romford Market

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´╗┐Description of Romford Market It was a bright market. Miniature english flags, hung in a series fashion across a thread, were draped from one side to the other side of the market, painting the sky red and white. Heads of men, women and children on their parents shoulders bobbed up and down, resembling the waves of the sea. The blonde, black, brown, red and hair-colour of many extravagant colours made the sea of heads radiate a nauseating effect. Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple white, black and brown were the colours of merchandise of all forms, shapes, sizes and use. ...read more.


The parent, realizing that he has no other way to placate his son but to buy him the toy, acquiesces. His son, informed by his dad expression that he has triumphed, plucks the last straw by collapsing onto the floor melodramatically. His mother, her hands on her hips, maintains her stern expression and taut grimace, but creased her eyebrows to show her disapproval of her son?s behavior. This scene was being played across the market, spreading like a contagious disease, as children had the epiphany that wailing and crying would finally work, and so they put all of their effort into cajoling their parents to buy them what they desired, after all, it was Saint George's day. ...read more.


As one progresses further down the market, he would see the stalls of merchandise and food slowly blending into a open square, where for the celebration of Saint George's day, a parade of men on horses, wearing the classic armour of Saint George, a bold red cross splashed across the breastplate. The atmosphere around it was electric, almost as if sparks were given off the metal of the armour. These sparks galvanized and fueled the spectators, cheering on the men in red and white armour as they charged their horses towards a dummy dragon. The food, the celebration, yelling of sellers and buyers, was the epitome and quintessential atmosphere of any market in St George?s day. This was Romford Market. ...read more.

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