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Descriptive essay - Black stone Massage

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Black stone Massage- an ecstasy A black soft and furry bed on which my stomach was, the fresh earth aroma in the room and the sight of the daisies and water lilies provided an outstanding welcome to me. I was made to wear a big soft towel. The girls standing beside me were wearing a pretty pink dress and their face seemed to be very welcoming. The carpet on the floor was 6 inches thick and any person that walked on it suddenly felt indulged into the whole idea of a massage. The room was very large with only 3 beds for people to be massaged and every person was being treated with care by 3 attractive girls. These girls were wearing clothes that made certain parts of their body visible. The short skirts they wore made their slim legs look perfect just life their flat stomachs. Their hair was brownish in colour which was a perfect contrast between the colour of their hair and the colour of the body. ...read more.


All my aches and pains seemed to have dissolved like soluble salt in water, and the feeling of nothingness was felt. The tension in my mind was all lost and I felt a sensation of the massage soothing my mind completely. After 10 minutes of this I was made to sit in a sauna alone, where the temperature of the slow moving steam relaxed my whole body. The steam had soon settled on many parts of my body which made it seem as though I was sweating. As I started lying down on the grey stone platform, which was made of cork and limestone, I could feel the blood flow in all parts of my body. I was left there in deep sleep until for half an hour. Then the door to the room opened and the three girls, now looking fresher than ever asked me if I was ready for round two of the massage. ...read more.


Soon I felt the bed move, one of the girls whispered in my ears in her tender voice. Be prepared, you will be immersed in very hot water. And as she said this, I felt the bed get lower and lower and finally it turned and I found my self in a hot water bath. I felt all the oils leave my body as though they were like elements in a chemical reaction drifting away to chemically combine with another element. I was left here for 15 minutes and then the girls came and got me out of the room and dressed me in a blue coloured dressing robe. Sweetly waving goodbye at the 3 brown haired girls I walked to the red lounge and sat in a comfortable sofa and looked at the sea and was remember every detail of this tantalizing experience. Word count = 1020 words ?? ?? ?? ?? English language coursework Candidate number: Candidate name: Nikhil lalvani ...read more.

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