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Descriptive Essay - Childhood Scene

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Descriptive Essay: Childhood Scene: It was early morning and the last day of my holiday. The sun, almost a semicircle and the colour was strange, a dark shade of orange, peeped itself over the top of the top of a tall monstrous mountain, like an anxious child at a window. The shadow it castled gradually slid itself over the rooftops of the little white houses situated in the town of Costa Teguise. The dingy shadow eventually moved further out to see as the afternoon approached. I was by the Hotel pool. It was shaped almost like an ear, very obscure. Filled full with crystal clear water transferred to a laser shade of blue by the tiles that rested on the bottom. This was the main pool. It was shallow at one end, and as it went across became deeper. There was also a more rounded and a lot smaller pool but was deeper. This lay alongside the infant pool, which was very shallow. It again was a very obscure shape but contained a small island in the middle. There were three in total. I lay on a lounger watching my brothers play and swim until they got out and ran off to play on the mini golf which was set back in the trees. ...read more.


There was one tennis court on site but it was rarely used, so I could get on it whenever. It was always free! The apartment was to my liking, very much so with a colour television and a radio that both stood firmly on a modern looking pine unit. My huge bedroom had heated blankets and a table in the corner with a mirror just above it. The double bed I slept in had a reading light above and had bedside units on each side. As it got so humid during the night I never used the heated blanket, I even found myself leaving the French doors ajar to air the room. About two meters away to the left of my bed was a dark rose wood door with unusual grain markings, which lead to an on suit bathroom. This had a shower within the bath, and a sink. The room wasn't very spacious but with it being the onsuit bathroom it wasn't expected. In the next room was a long green settee, which sunk in as you sat on it. It was amazingly comfy. This faced a spectacular Oil Painting hung on the plain white wall. This one was of a curved bridge that lead across a flowing stream that had Lillie pads floating across it. ...read more.


It was called "Pedro's". We sat down and the waiter took our orders. I ordered a fish cooked in salt crystals as I had never had it before and wanted to try something different on my last night. When the waiter brought my order out, it came on a huge silver tray and it looked like a miniature mountain, covered in snow. The waiter then poured some flammable of liquid on, and I can remember it smelling a bit like aniseed, and he then set it alight. This I presume cooked the fish, and very quick at that. This shocked me and made me a tiny bit nervous because all eyes from other people in the restaurant were watching me my meal being cooked. After the meal we walked home, along the same route again. Well I say home, we walked back to the apartment that had been our home for the past 14 days. Lights flashing on the front of buildings almost like strobe trying as best as they can to try and attract the eye, and the smell of good food on every street that you walked along proved to hard to resist. I ended up buying Burger, even after a huge dinner. It had been an enjoyable holiday, but I began to get upset as I new it was back to the apartment to start packing for our long trip back home to the abysmal weather that England always possesses. Daniel Spedding 10G Miss Ashton's English ...read more.

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