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Descriptive essay: The Library

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´╗┐Descriptive essay: The Library Today, Wednesday 27th of April is a cold overcast day. We are in front of the library, in the main entrance. The first thing that we can see is the huge stair that is connecting different floors of the library. The ceiling is woodish with square window on the right side and also 10 grayish lamps hanging around it. It is not a busy day here. It could be because is early and most of the students are in their classes. ...read more.


He is the receptionist. We noticed a group of students talking and smoking outside the library. Two of them come inside. For the first time we can hear the sounds of the street. Cars, buses and the wind whispering the winter is here. The boys seem as freshmen because they are asking really loud the receptionist what they need to do in order to use the computers. They go to the big lockers that are in the corner and put all their things there. ...read more.


She tells him that she needs more time to return the book that the library lends her. He looks at her and says ?that is not here, you have to talk with the lady on the other entrance?. Angry, she takes her bag and goes outside the library. The receptionist keeps reading his book as if nothing had happened. Once again the library is almost empty; there is just the receptionist, the books and us, the silence fills the air till the annoying sound comes back again. Maybe all days are like this and this story is repeated over and over. Group 01 ...read more.

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