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Descriptive Original Writing Task

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16/09/08 The Traffic Jam Just as I approached the beanstalk of a shopping centre, people were rushing in and out like particles. People of all ages were present from the old and frail to the young and fresh. Over my right shoulder were two hooded teenagers... I simply strolled off with no intentions in handing any valuables over. Luckily a distraction swerved around the corner of the street, a damaged Vauxhall which utterly failed at an attempt to seem 'hip'. Irritating rave music louder than an ear structure could handle... Out came a middle-aged short beer-bellied gnome type man. He seemed to be wearing a shirt with fine Hawaiian pattern stitching and tight denim jeans with a buckle labelled 'phresh', portraying the message that either he never attended an English class or that he was a gangster-to-be; perhaps both. ...read more.


Busy businessmen, women running after sales, children running away from women, teenagers vandalising and causing mischief, it was too hectic to handle. Then you would want to consider hiring big bulgy body-guards. On the left were three vending machines with restaurant labelled prices (as if someone were to pay �1.99 for water... I think not.) Further ahead was an aged Postman Pat ride which had been sprayed on by teenagers and for a second you would come to think what was going through his or hers dim-witted brain whilst spraying the name of their young threatening gang (!) Another thought springs to your mind, even after all the grubby shoe marks left after a day of jam-packed consumers, the floor is left spotless for the next day. ...read more.


You would get casual plain clothing, tighter sport clothing and fancy colourful clothing with unusual patterns or offensive slogans. As surprised I was not to be, elderly people would go for casual plain clothing whether as on the other hand, teenagers bouncing and dancing around for fancy colourful clothing. Say when these teenagers do mature, then their wardrobe would need a new makeover like a woman's fashion show. Next minute there was an announcement of the shopping centre closing down. At first the sight of a congested entrance and the sound of women's heels as they walked and teenagers shouting across the street seemed like quite a caution. Yet seeing the variety of what was available, was sucking me in and soon I was unable to avoid it like an addiction. Was I becoming a shopaholic? ...read more.

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