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Descriptive piece (English)

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My time on the "Devil's Ship" " Right, kids bed come on, it's getting late. What story do you want tonight?" asked Amelia. "Granny, we want your story" Jenny said excited. " Very well then it all started when I was fourteen. My mother would always send me out every morning before I go to school to fetch 2 buckets of water. But this day was different it took me 4 hours each way and when I reached the water there was no queue and while I was pondering where everyone was I was caught in a net. It was terribly uncomfortable and then we were thrown into the back of an army truck. They drove us for what felt like hours, up steep hills and bumpy terrain with the hot sun beating down on us. We finally reached our destination which was my favourite beach but we weren't here to splash in the water or make sand castles as we found out straight away. We were packed into a huge ship but we had a very small part of the ship and there were hundreds of us. ...read more.


It was weird and uncomfortable to come from the darkness of the cabin to the bright blue sky and yellow sun. We were all given dirty white rags to wear but some people had different shades of blood splattered on theirs bright red, dark red and dark brown. Everyone was given separate jobs to do, mine and Rhonda's ( my mums old friend) was to clean the deck floor. We were always watched to make sure we did it to their standards. If you did by any chance make a mistake their was a series of different punishments you would have been given. They ranged from one whip to whipped to death. Some even got thrown into the ocean with heavy rocks tied on to their chains to weigh them down. I got whipped once it was one of the worst experiences of my life. The same man would always do the whipping. He was a white man who had a long dirty brown beard. I only ever saw him wear his vile red scarf, dark navy jacket and repulsive cream trousers. ...read more.


A dirty looking old white man undid Rhonda's chains and dragged her out screaming( that image I will never get out my head, she looked so scared) and I never saw her again. No one knows what happened to her. She would always have a part of in my soul. Ever since then I had lost all faith, I felt like it should have been me but I understood why she had to do it. I really wanted to get back at the sailors. So me and my other friends decided to form a form a small group at night, at first we just made fun of the sailors. We nicknamed them "the Little Devils" and the ship "the Devil's ship". When the adults found out they wanted to join and get the Little devils back for all the pain they had caused. I wasn't the only person who lost someone close and that really helped me get over Rhonda. The next day when we were all just doing the usual we saw a ship and all of us thought it was going to be are way out, as it came closer we discovered..." explained Amelia. "Jenny, ah well I never get to finish that story, night pet" said Amelia. ...read more.

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