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Descriptive Story.

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Jenny Harris English Language - Course Work Descriptive Story Due 11-10-03 It was an extremely hot summer's day. Not a single cloud was to be found defiling a perfect blue sky. The birds chirped blissfully, their songs penetrating the still silence of the park; they danced through the sky their bright colours entwining with one another to create a most spectacular display. Green grass stretched out for miles, effortlessly swaying in the light breeze. Majestic trees loomed above, with their long branches stretching through the sky; their dominance was unmistakable. Multicoloured flowers decorated the landscape, their heavenly sent floated on the breeze completing the flawless scene. ...read more.


The animal paused for a second, then with sudden burst of energy began to recklessly scoop up the grass, he stuffed in mouthfuls without any further hesitation. After a short time the animal seemed to lose his enthusiasm, he lowered his head as if ashamed and trudged wearily off. Leaving a trail of destruction behind him. The trip home proved to be long and arduous. The weary animal found himself having to pause on several occasions to catch his breath. He longed for a meal and his fluffy basket, only the thought of which kept him going. Eventually he arrived at his home only he did not reach the comfort that he so longed for. ...read more.


Eventually somebody arrived and took charge of the situation. It was pitch dark when the creature awoke. He stretched and strained and finally managed to get up on all fours. He had only completed the first few clumsy steps when his sensitive black nose met painfully with heavy metal bars. He suddenly came to the realisation that he was confined, in a cage. At first he began to panic, he ran in circles crashing his body against the bars. This resulted in excruciating pain and he gave up after just a few tries. He curled up in a tight ball and patiently waited. Then he heard voices in the distance, he could make out just one word 'poison'. Stunned and bewildered he sat and pondered as the cage door began to rattle open. ...read more.

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