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Descriptive writing

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The Funfair I could still taste the pre-travel sickness pill as it sluggishly slithered like a snake, hounding its prey, up my parched throat. Its vile, repugnant bitterness invaded my desert of a mouth with force as I yearned for water. I poked my head out of the window, allowing the cool, balmy breeze to embrace my cheeks, until murky puffs of exhaust diffused through the salubrious caressing wind. A monster of a truck boisterously meandered through cars and spluttered serpents of sordid filth, concealing the landscape ahead. I gasped for breath in the bitter air, as my nose was assaulted with the putrid smell. An orchestra of strident beeps and raucous honks thunderously proceeded through the congested road towards the funfair ahead. I scarcely distinguished fluorescent glows gleaming at arbitrary intervals and what seemed to be prodigious soaring screaming machines. ...read more.


The mighty vigorous wind slapped my face as each corkscrew ride whizzed in the air, bringing with it a blur of colour. The colossal shrieking monster loomed and aimlessly traversed above the fairground. A large elevated wheel stood sandwiched between the tough rusty railways observing the city of perplexing mechanisms below. It gleamed vibrantly like a gigantic ring of fire in the sun, which loitered just above it. It reminded me of the London Eye, pompous and powerful. "3, 2, 1...GO!" the wheel rapidly began revolving, until only a circle of diamonds was visible. A dazzling rainbow of coloured laser lights luminously extended through the numerous separated steel bars in the wheel, as it mightily rotated. The distinct smell of hot dogs and chips diffused through the air. The stench of malodorous oil from the chips hung heavy in the atmosphere. ...read more.


I couldn't even breathe! The steering wheel lay in front of me, its pungent leather smell was evident when I held a firm grip. Rock music blared out of giant speakers, intensifying the electric atmosphere. Shimmering radiant lights flickered through the dodgems, studying every participant in the ring. In awaiting my fate, I gawped around the dodgem arena at my fierce dodgem competitors apprehensively. "BEEP", a vociferous bell alerted me to hustle my negligent inattentive brother to compress the accelerator pedal; we dashed rowdily to the other end of the arena. The turbulent air rushing through my hair. "BANG!" our rough indomitable enemies came at us with immense force. My feeble brittle body jolted fervidly from side to side like fruit in a juicer. A throbbing pain appeared in my uncontrollable spinning head. The vehicle came to sharp halt. Unable to regain my obscure vision and balance, a bumper car full of scornful hooligans attacked us. They chuckled like infantile hyenas and sped off to their next unknown victims. This was the beginning of a night to remember. ...read more.

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