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Descriptive Writing

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English Coursework: Descriptive Writing Endless. The best way to describe Toys R Us; colossal isles which stretch, twist and twirl around the store. I couldn't believe my eyes the very first time I entered, I felt as if I has stepped into a whole new world which I thought was only possible in my dreams. Standing outside I stared into the mesmerising gigantic colourful letters hanging above me like a rainbow, as I glared up towards the entrance. I entered watchfully and the doors opened magically by themselves as if to warmly invite me in. I took a deep long breath, the air was fresh and full of excitement; I ran inside, the essence of enchantment was in the air. ...read more.


My hand brushed against the chilly metallic surface of the shelves as I walked along the aisle towards the large Lego plane hovering at the end. The echoes of children's voices was all around, their faces enlightened with happiness. The Lego area was a construction yard, hundreds of tiny colourful bricks making up huge wild infrastructures; a vast army of tiny yellow Lego men stood marching at street level, as if they were an army invading the city. Elsewhere in the store, I could hear the sound of children throwing a tantrum, acting stubbornly and screaming franticly at their parents for not being allowed the toys they wanted. ...read more.


I felt a pang of jealously, and wished I were her. Suddenly a crowd of children surrounding a soaring pile boxes caught my attention. I walked up to them and saw the inviting words 'NEW LIMITED EDITION OF SPIDERMAN FIGURINE' stretched out in front of me. My inner child kicked in and I felt the ultimate need to require this innovative toy I had never seen before. The announcement in the store-speakers informing me that the store was closing soon was quickly followed by the sudden rush of people hurrying to make their way to the checkouts. The checkouts bleeped constantly as the array of magnificent toys passed through quickly from one world to the outside. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asadullah Haider English Coursework Page 1 ...read more.

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