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Descriptive writing- 7 ages of man. It was 1922. The year I was born in North Korea. I was the eldest son of a family of seven. The town that I lived in didnt have a very positive ambience.

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Descriptive Coursework - 7 Ages of Man It was 1922. The year I was born in North Korea. I was the eldest son of a family of seven. The town that I lived in didn't have a very positive ambience. It was too quiet; deathly quiet, deathly still. In my childhood, the silence really did make me feel bored every day. My wish back then was just to play hide-and-seek with my friends out in the streets. My parents didn't allow me to do so. Thus, living through each day was like watching paint dry, with nothing to do. Of course, from a toddler's eyes, I didn't really ask why I wasn't allowed to play outside. I didn't really ask why I had to always stay beside my parents. I didn't really ask why the town was this quiet. But the truth came with time. I was twelve, when I had realized that this place was the result of oppression from the ruler of this country. Indeed, in the town of my naissance, no one dared to lampoon the tyrant of the country in public, too scared to be caught by one of the several hundreds of soldiers constantly patrolling every corner of the streets with their rifles. ...read more.


My Lover years was Catch 22 - either way, staying or leaving North Korea, my life was going to be lacklustre. Then another incident happened. It changed my life completely, albeit not quite the change I wanted it to be. It was a letter; a letter of mandate to join the army. In the army, enthusiasm was pervasive: chants of the triumph that was yet to come surging in the atmosphere, robust soldiers marching away dynamically. Nonetheless anxiety grew exponentially as we got closer and closer to the borderlines. Then, from the front, came a sudden cry of agony, astonishing the soldiers, leaving them aghast. I was startled by the explosion of artillery shells. The cacophonous, ear-splitting sound announced the start of this mass massacre, a tempest of ammunition - the bullets were the raindrops and the artillery were the thunder and lightning. The war was like a discordant harmony of an orchestra. Subsequently, I felt a shock of sheer shattering pain, a torturous, excruciating experience. I was bleeding profusely, ruby-red blood gushing out of my wounded arm like a raging torrent. ...read more.


It was time for my happiness to end. I was diagnosed pancreatic cancer. I didn't have much time left. Hearing this, I was dreary, dismal, almost dazed. I could not evade the truth, but nor could I believe what the doctor said. My family and I were traumatized. I spent the next few months dumbfounded. Time flew by without much thought. I couldn't think properly. I was afraid of death. As death was coming closer, I realized how I started my life with sans-everything, and that I will inevitably end with sans-everything. But there is one thing that is different this time, and that is the love and care of my cherished family that will be kept deep within my heart forever. I promised that I will never forget my family in my eternal slumber. The ultimate purpose of life is to end. Nevertheless, this end, or rather, death, is not as bad it seems. A start always has an end. Since the day of my birth, I have stepped forward, one step closer to death, one step farther from immortality. It shall be time when I let go of my family's hands, and hold my death's, to be accompanied through the everlasting journey. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kang Yun Seok 11S ...read more.

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