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Descriptive writing- Priams emotional Journey

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Navid Mehdi Descriptive writing- 'Priam's emotional Journey' My blood ran cold as I lay awake in my hut, shivering in the cold night. I wish it was cold that made me shiver, but it was the screams of my innocent people, and the laugh of Salem Jones that shook my bones and froze my blood. Pure evil lives that man; his whip is the instrument that executes his hate, his cruel and vengeful campaign to make our lives as miserable as possible. His whip is the tool that embodies our nightmares, that makes every day a potential punishment. ...read more.


He is the rot slowly eating away at the life of the slaves at this plantation. Slaves. I look up at the sky and wonder how such a thing can exist, how I could be the property of another human, another being that calls himself a man. A man that has the power of God-the power to kill and to sustain life. What a cruel, cruel world! I have to escape this place. Where shall I go? Who in this mean world would help a wretched slave like me? What can I d? Wait! Semiramis always talks about the beautiful white lady Madeline Lamount at Resolute, the plantation next to ours... ...read more.


My body shot out of bed, and I was outside under the safe cover of darkness. I don't want to live in darkness anymore, I want to be free. Free from the shackles that bind me. Free from the whip that keeps me down, free from the word 'slave'. Madeline has to be the light that saves me. She has to be the beautiful ray that gives me hope, a slim desperate chance to grasp my freedom. As I ran faster away from Mon Royal, the sound of Salem's whip is fainter and fainter and my blood runs warm. My blood, the only reason I am a slave, warmed me and urged me onto my freedom, on my only hope of living as a free man. ...read more.

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