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Descriptive Writing- Day at the spa

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Day at the Spa- Descriptive writing. It was a normal morning when I woke up. The fresh breeze and the beaming sunlight shun right into my eyes. As I walked out of my front door the sensational colours of the flowers looked like a splash of colours from a rainbow. Singing blue birds were the music in my ears, my watch was ticking, I couldn't be late for my exciting appointment. As I walked down my long breezy road I could see tulips opening up wide, they were so pretty. My next door neighbour watering her flowers, her cute baby daughter 5 years old, swinging on their double swing. I saw a white fluffy cat lying on the wall of he corner of my street. ...read more.


I was looking forward to my most relaxing treatments and my favourite soothing massages. I walked in, up to the receptionist desk, the receptionist was so polite and welcoming as usual. She told me to take a seat and some one would be right with me. I sat on the sofa beside the desk, I sank into the silk glittering cushions. I felt like I was wrapped up in layers in a large fluffy quilt- so relaxed and calm. An employee walked over to me, and told me my room for my treatments to be carried out was ready. As I stood up, joy ran through my body once again. I could almost smell the scents coming from the room. ...read more.


I felt like royalty, having everything done for me being waited on, not having to lift a single finger of mine. Candles surrounded me, smells flew by me like a shooting star. I was so warm as if I was snuggled up on my sofa with a blanket. I felt like I was in my own Neverland. After I had all of my treatments I felt as good as new. So fresh and pleased of how my day went so amazingly perfect. My spirits were so high and I was overjoyed. I stood up and walked to the main room, it was so bright beaming with beautiful colours and smells to make you feel as light to drop to your feet. It was a perfect day at a perfect spa! Words (567) ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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