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Descriptive writing He ran and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Sarah had been left behind to be swallowed up by the darkne

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Coursework: 2nd Draft He ran and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Sarah had been left behind to be swallowed up by the darkness, this pained Daniel as he and Sarah had been a couple for almost three years, he couldn't turn back to save Sarah otherwise he would be brutally bashed to death with an axe. Daniel had found a place to hide and dived into it. He lay still in the giant shrub. The sound of thudding footsteps was getting louder; meaning that the mass murdering monster that was chasing him was extremely close. The thudding stopped directly in front of Daniel. He look up a fraction to see two dirty, mangled feet that were covered in cuts and bruises and many scars, he looked up a bit more to see the face off the monster that had killed so many innocent people. The monsters nose was sniffing around as a dogs', as if trying to pick up the scent of Daniel, the thing paused for a moment then continued running. After about ten minutes: Daniel quietly heaved himself out of the overgrown bush to find that he had a severe slice down his left arm; with the chunk of skin still dangling half still attached to him. ...read more.


Daniel had ripped his shirt to make a bandage for his arm; he had learnt how to do this in scouts. His conscience had urged him to return to the house for Sarah. He struggled to open the back door, so he broke in through the window; as he did, he was regretting what he had said to Sarah hours before about going to explore the 'Burnt Manor House', which his friends had told him about. He was now inside the Manor House, so he started looking for Sarah, Daniel had to listen out for Sarah bellowing his name, but it was not that easy because her voice echoed all around the walls and through the house. This was distressing Daniel as he knew that Sarah was in some type of danger or trouble, yet he could not help her. He tried shouting back to her but he could only hear screams as a reply. Daniel started running furiously, looking for some kind of clue to where Sarah's voice was coming from. He threw himself up the stairs, nearly missing the large gap, he heard Sarah's cries coming from one of the bedrooms. Once entered the bedroom, Daniel gazed around the bedroom and saw a rusty, burnt bed, dilapidated wardrobes along with Sarah crouched in the corner of the room with an old ragged doll that looked slightly scorched. ...read more.


Daniel apologized to Sarah for asking her to come along and explore the Manor House. Sarah had a flashback about how her family's butler had left on the cooker the night that the Manor caught on fire. The butler was never seen again after that night. At that persist moment, both, Daniel and Sarah worked out that the monster chasing them wasn't a monster at all; it was the butler trying to protect the house. Sarah suggested that maybe because he felt so guilty for what he had done he was trying to keep the house from getting even more ruined than it already was? Or maybe he just wanted to kill her because he knew that she might work out what had happened. Someone started clapping in the corner of the room, it was the monster. They could, finally, see the whole of the person's body now, which was naked and was covered in scabs and scars. The butler started praising them for their intelligence very sarcastically. Sarah looked around at their surroundings, which she (nor Daniel) had paid any attention to before, and realized that they were in the butler's home. The beaten looking butler pulled a knife from within the draw that was next to him and pointed it at Daniel then at Sarah. Daniel stood up, walked over to the butler who handed him the knife. He pointed the knife at Sarah and gave an evil snigger... ...read more.

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