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Descriptive writing; Of Mice and Men continued

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George and Slim, strode up the sandy hill, George kicked at the dust, his hands tightly balled in his pockets. The silence between the men thickened. Slim sighed; he wiped the glistening sweat off his brow and looked back down at the ground again; He didn't know how to console a man, who had just gone and buried his best friend. George lifted his head, his eyes strained against the red glow of the ever fading sunlight; he breathed deeply, the cool summer air filling his body. "Hey! George! You comin' or'd you wanna hold back a bit, an' be wit' your own? I don' mind," Shouted Slim, "No, I don' want to be dwellin' 'round here, dint' even know I'd stopped," Said George, easing his legs back into a familiar stride, " Sure, don' worry 'bout it, you know. You still comin' wit' the guys tonight? We're jus doin' the usual thing, remember? A few shots at Old Susy's, and a good flop, course, you don't have to?" "Hell Im goin'! 'Bout time I got out, don't ya think?" "Sure it is, an it'd take your mind offa things," Said Slim, he patted Georges back, "But we gonna have'a to soak first; We ain't in no state to see them purty ladies." "I couldn't agree no more; mud on my face, a hole in my slacks, an' ya stink like ya ain't never stunk before," "Ah, come off it, I ain't the only one stinkin' round here. ...read more.


Slim said gently, "I spose your right Slim, I did what I hadda do, and I done it good, I jus wish I hadda'na hadda do it," "Let it pass George, have a damn good laugh at Susy's, and let it all go. It'll be hard, hell, it'll be hard! I bin through it all, but I came out on the other side alrigh', and you gonna do it too, I know it. We done washin' now, the suns goin down, and I wanna get dry, Im clean enough." Slim climbed out, the sun was low in the mountains, and his shadow reached far across the yellow grass. George shook his hair and patted his body dry, Slim propped his hat back onto his head, and climbed back into his jeans and denim waistcoat, waiting for George to do the same. They walked back down the trail, into the yard and in silence strode in the bunkhouse. "Yous two don' take your time, we gots to gets to Susys before she closes them doors," Said Candy excitedly, "You outta bathed with us, down by the rock, quick dip an scrub, an your out, before you can say.." He trailed off, as he saw their sombre faces, " Well, ain't you two jus the party, you planning' on changing' or not?" ...read more.


George walked toward the dim light, at the end of the barn, ignoring the shifty mules, who seemed to sense the unease that George radiated. He knocked tiredly on the old wooden door, "Crooks if you'll jus let me in," The door creaked on its rusty hinges, as it swung open, " Don' have a choice." Said Crooks, who was doubled over, and rubbing more of the ointment onto his back. The dim light barely lit up his face, as he turned towards George, " An'?" He said, looking expectedly up towards him, "Jes what'd you wan'?" George sighed, and leaned against the frame of the rickety door, he adjusted his hat, and pulled it from over his eyes, " I've never asked ya to do anything' for me, an' I never done nothin to hurt ya. But please, jus tell Slim, I listened. By God did I listen, an' tell him, im proud of him, but I jus ain't as strong as I thought I was. I don' wan' him ter think I gon' down depress'd. Telt him I rolled my hoop after Lennie, an' I helt my head high the whole damn way." He turned and left. Gun in one arm, bindle in the other, and strode, tall and purposely out of the ranch. Away from the old, familiar buildings glowing with golden light, and down to the dark, forest, alive with the cold night. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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