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Descriptive writing on oliver twist

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Descriptive Writing on Oliver Twist Abruptly woken to the harsh sounds of demanding yelling and screaming only to find yourself still shivering from the lack of hole-filled sheets that they call blankets. Feeling fatigued from another sleepless night and faintly from the malnutrition, you eagerly await your habitual serving of repulsive porridge for breakfast, in a rotten wheat plate with broken spoons containing all the food from last week's breakfast. Sitting down in a slate grey, staring every other boy who awaits to collect their miniature bowl of porridge. Every boy starving to eat their nauseating same breakfast as the powder blue sky comes out with a cold breeze skimming their linen white skins. The forbidding staffs place a minuscule amount of repugnant porridge into each of the acquitted children starving to death, with their stomachs making unpleasant noises due to the lack of appetizing food they have eaten in the past. ...read more.


Young boys contributing to dangerous work, using broken machines, under extremely rough working conditions, with no choice but to carrying on working as it provides them the trifling luxury of food. Cleaning the khaki designed plates of the punitive staff, containing leftovers from their scrumptious luxury three course meals, with each child gazing shocked at the plates as they are disembowelled as they do not get provided with the same indulgence, even though we have tougher work to finish then the staff who sit around all day trying to figure out mistake in the work produced by the children as well as punishing the underprivileged children who are left to agonise in poverty. Every day in the workshop a child gets injured or breaks a bone using the machines under tremendously touch working conditions, although in the end the child is left to suffer to death with the increasing pain and blood dripping all over the work shop, ...read more.


with their ancient toothbrushes supplied to them as they start living in the workhouse, they have to use the out of date which instead of making our teeth clean it make its more decomposed, as well as that the children only get a diminutive supply of water in a jug to wash their faces and mouth before they enter bed. The best time of the child life at the workhouse is probably in their bed, even though they have to share their bed with a few other boys and only have a few hours to sleep, it is still a luxury to them as they get a relaxation period from their hard work which they continuously have to do seven days a week for their rest of their lives until they commit heartbreaking suicide like most other children do in workhouses or even die because of the appalling condition they work under. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jayprashant Jeyachandran ...read more.

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