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Descriptive Writing Story

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The Vault The sun spread its rays of canary yellow and cyan blue across the London horizon on this glorious morning. The Sun seemed to promise the town a whole July of blissful English weather. Rays of sunshine started to peak through the fading clouds of the night before, reflecting its glistening spotlights onto the tranquil Thames. John Major, the newly promoted bank manager opened his curtains to reveal a postcard perfect scene from his Southbank apartment. He arrived at work with his daily caffeine fix and a box of doughnuts. His assistant Nick Little detected these sugary delights and launched towards three glazed rings. His trademark stubble and the greasy strands upon his head gave the impression of a lack of professional attitude. The striking difference into the appearance of these two men makes one question if they even work in the same high profile business. Nick, a head smaller and three shirt sizes bigger than John, was intimidated by his new manager, suited up to the skies with tailor made suit and shoes as shiny as the Sun itself. ...read more.


The door was slightly open; it had a heavenly light coming out of it. John walked out empty handed with a calm stride. He climbed back up to the spiralled stairs that would take him back to the ground floor, ready for the business day to commence. The doors opened sharp at nine am. Countless customers swarmed through and created the endless queue to sort their financial issues, rather like in the military fashion with its consecutive pattern of an orderly step forward in the line. John stood overlooking this daily public panic, gleaming at the customers with a patronising smile. Nick went back to his desk at his desk shortly after, to make sure John was naive to his presence near the vault. An eccentric man with a clean cut beard, wearing a casual white and black polo entered the bank carrying a huge gym bag. His shoes were pointy as a jester's, his heels clicked around the bank observing its lifeless walls. The male skipped the queue and approached the cashier and reached into his pocket, with a trail of angry customers waiting in the queue behind him with annoyance. ...read more.


The armed man demanded for the valuables. He scurried to the treasures, staring at it for a few satisfying seconds. He snarled as he stuffed his bag with the goods and complacently walked towards the exit. The trail of stunned and shocked eyes followed each step he made. John ran up and launched himself to the man attempting stop him. The decision backfired as the thief reacted and grabbed John and slinged him across the room. Just before the man made the security door, Nick sprinted and pulled out a gun. The thief turned around at the noise of the trigger. 'I'll take it from here you thief' Nick said heroically. BANG. The man jolted, hands clutching his stomach. Blood dripped from his hand like a tap of streaming water. He collapsed to floor, dropped the bag, his eyes hauntingly wide open. Nick, stunned in disbelief at what he had just done stood over the body and saw the bullet must have penetrated deep through the thief's back. A growing red pool surrounded the dead body. He grabbed the bag as everyone cheered like it was a football match going on. The newspapers next morning were full of Nick on its headlines. Finally, he was famous. ...read more.

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