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descriptive writting

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The Empty House Pushing the heavy gates open the touch of the iron bars, as cold as ice, seized up my hand completely. Even though I could feel the unevenness of the cold cobbled path beneath me, they were smooth in contrast to the crunching of the dead leaf that I stepped on. Carrying on up the path the grass carried on forever into the horizon. One lonesome oak tree stood by the house swaying in the wind, its branches waving hauntingly. The moon shone bright white in the cloudless sky; it was the only source of light that could be seen. ...read more.


I started to think about what I should do, my options were to either stay outside risking getting hit by lightning or to go into the old house, not knowing who or what might be in there. My answer however was soon decided as the dark clouds started to build. I looked around as I huddled under the large, oak tree which offered me little or no protection from the razor-sharp rain that began to fall. All the other houses on the abandoned street were too badly damaged for me to take shelter in. I stepped up to the front door, which was covered with cobwebs and spiders. An old rusty chain hung down, swinging in the breeze twined with vines. ...read more.


Chills were running through me, as if a ghost was passing through my body. Suddenly, in the distance, there was a faint booming sound like the beating of a drum. The noise soon started to get louder and louder until all that could be heard was the deafening noise. I clutched my phone tightly. My legs started to tremble and my hand grasped tighter. The pain became unbearable, as I began to scream. I was so terrified, that I couldn't move. I have been scared before, but nothing compared to the fear that ran through my veins on this unforgettable night. ?? ?? ?? ?? Descriptive writing Ruth Kember 1172 ...read more.

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