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Deserted Island Description

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Deserted Island Description I woke up with the smile of the sun on me and the abundance of sand surrounding me. The sand was rough like glass paper and lying down on it stung your back like walking on hot coals. If the amount of sand on this island were rocks it would cover all of Africa twice! The water around the island was as clear as glass and blue like the sky so the infinite depths of the sea were just a blink away. Fish small as rice grains flickered to and fro from the sandy beaches of the island to the cold gloomy depths of the sea. ...read more.


From my encampment all there was to be seen was green leaves, sea green, grass green and bottle green. Birds of large stature were abundant on this island. Their looming presence seemed to be the omen of dark intent as their dark sharp eyes stared at me with hunger and desire for human meat. The birds were distinguished easily as one type had bright orange and shiny blue feathers while the others had a mixture of grey and black feathers so when the light struck at different angles I saw the different coloured feathers. Rain fell on the island like a never ending firing of bullets in a war. It fell straight down onto the island at a 90 degree angle forcing away the sand as it fell. ...read more.


Edible food was as scarce as finding humans on the island and the only food that I could find was rotten fruit which had fallen of the trees. This included rotten apples, mouldy grapes and dried bananas. If ever I saw good quality food it was either with worms in it or other animals scooped it up before I reached it. My only source of water was a pond on the west side of the forest where every type of animal on the island came and drank. The colour of the water was pale green almost like the leaves it was surrounded by and it didn't feel like the cleanest water but as it was the only source I had to drink it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shrayans 10JD English Mr. Lynn ...read more.

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