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Desperately seeking Susan

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Eugene Acquah 24/10/08 Show how the opening of the film Desperately Seeking Susan uses images to tell us about the main characters Roberta and Susan. We looked at a film called desperately seeking Susan and we are trying to analyse the difference between the two characters using images seen on TV. This film was made in 1985. I will begin with the locations. Roberta as seen on TV is the kind of person who associates herself with people in her class range. She is a traditional female and she has got morals unlike Susan who goes about doing what she feels like doing. She does not associate herself with traditional female spaces. Roberta is very well kept because she is seen in the salon getting her hair done. Roberta prefers to be among decent people whilst Susan goes about with men to hotels. At Roberta's house during the party, she is framed which means she feels alone and incomplete. ...read more.


This shows how untamed she is. She is very confident about her sexuality. She has her own individual style and she is a style setter. The black hat and shades make her look very cool. Hair and beauty is another aspect of my analysis. Roberta in this case has her hair in a tight bun meaning she feels like she is closed in, self conscious, inhibited and restrained. Susan's hair is curly, very uncontrollable and wild. She has long flowing hair. Roberta's make up is neat. It does not stand out. Susan has a gash of red lipstick on her lips. She has a ginger coloured hair. Her hair is free just like herself. She is not repressed neither is she confined like Roberta. The objects aroun them can also be used to examine the difference between the two characters. For breakfast, Susan drinks tequila which is very unconventional. ...read more.


Roberta on the other hand is ladylike, very pleasing to the eye and refined. She is also stiff, robotic and has her arms by her side. Roberta looks lovely but unsure of who she is. She looks disturbed and very subdued. Moving on to colour codes, Roberta has a pink dress on which is quite babyish. The pink suggests that, she is not fully matured. The colours around her are very bright and this creates a happy mood. Susan has a black jacket on. It makes her look dangerous and mysterious. The red wall behind the bed is sort of dangerous and it has got something to do with sexuality. Susan has freedom to do anything she wants to do. She is wild and has loads of fun with men. She can express herself fully. Roberta is repressed and she cannot express herself. She feels very lonely unlike Susan who has fun when she wants to. Susan and Roberta are two different people with different lifestyles. The difference between the two characters in "desperately seeking Susan" has been outlined using images seen on the TV. Word count: 842 ...read more.

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