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Despite its been two years since I last saw my father, the shadow of his back still remain vivid and clear in my memories. That winter, mother died and father lost his job. It was a day of tragedy and sadness.

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Shadow By Chin Ching and Jensen Pon Despite it's been two years since I last saw my father, the shadow of his back still remain vivid and clear in my memories. That winter, mother died and father lost his job. It was a day of tragedy and sadness. I left London for Stoke-On-Trent to join my father in hastening home, the sight of the disorderly mess in the courtyard reminded me of mother. I couldn't help but shed tears. "Now that things have come to such a pass, let's get over it, after all every cloud has a silver lining," he said. When father arrived home, he pawned and sold things in order to pay off his debt, then he borrowed new loans to hold the funeral. During these days our family was in such a state of sorrow and distress due to both the events of the funeral and the near-collapse of father's firm. Once the funeral ended, father had to return to America in a hopeless attempt to save his firm, and I had to return to London to finish my degree. ...read more.


The disapproving and disbelieving eyes they gave us, it was so hilarious! I laughed at father for being so impractical and naive. These days people only cared about money, it would be unlikely that they'd take of me. Besides, at age twenty I was obviously capable of taking care of myself. Alas, when I come to think of it now, I can see that I was really too "smart" back then. "Dad, you better hurry for your appointment now," I said. But he looked out of the window and said, "You'll need some refreshments on the way. Stay here don't go anywhere, I'll be back in a few minutes." Outside the railing and beyond the other railroad platform were several vendors waiting for customers. To reach that platform, he'd have jump down the railway tracks, cross them and climb up the platform. For an exceptionally fat man in his mid-fifties, this proved to a physically demanding and strenuous task for father. I volunteered to go, but he insisted, so I reluctantly let him off. ...read more.


To think that his fate should now be so bleak and gloomy at old age! Series after series of discouraging and unfortunate events filled him with a sense of dread and sorrow. He could no longer retain his emotions, as a result he would often vent his emotions on small mishaps and treat me harshly. However, after two years of separation, he has become soft and forgiving, and he dearly misses me and my son. A upon my arrival in London, I received a letter from him, in which he said, " My dearest son, I'm in an excellent state of health except there is much pain in my shoulders, causing me undesirable pain whenever I try to hold a pen or use chopstick. Perhaps it won't be long now before I rejoin your mother..." Amid the glistening and bitter tears which these words brought to my eyes, I once again saw he familiar shadow casted off the back of father's corpulent form in the top black hat, worn-out morning dress and stripped trouser. Alas, how I long to see him again! Yet, little did I know that it was the last time I'd ever see him again. ...read more.

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